Duterte: Murdered Iloilo “DRAGON” couple KILLED for implicating lawmakers and local officials


Suspected DRUG LORDS Melvin and Merriam Odicta, murdered August 29, 2016, offered to SQUEAL on their fellow DRUG LORDS and Panay Island POLITICIANS in exchange for their lives and their safety. By turning STATE WITNESSES, they would have been entitled to join the WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM of the government.  Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog has been previously PINPOINTED by President Duterte as the PROTECTOR of DRUG LORDS in Iloilo City. No formal charges have yet been filed against Mabilog while the Philippine government is in a CASE BUILD-UP phase and trying to line up possible witnesses that can testify against him. The Odicta couple would have been the PERFECT WITNESSES being high level insiders in the ILLEGAL DRUGS operations. They were thus SILENCED because dead men (and women) tell no tales (unless they left behind SIGNED and dully notarized affidavits before they died). They allegedly submitted a MATRIX which named names but there is no mention of a formally signed, legally acceptable document.

pnp mabilog with pnoy mar leni

Mayor Mabilog is a cousin of Liberal Party top brass Senator Franklin Drilon, the former Senate President. Mabilog campaigned actively for former President Aquno’s 2016 Presidential ticket with Mar Roxas (who lost) for President and Leni Robredo for Vice President (who won).


Duterte: Pinpointed Iloilo City DRUG PROTECTOR Mayor Jed Mabilog now a SITTING DUCK after DRAGON and his wife are KILLED





Alleged drug lord ‘Dragon’, wife gunned down in Caticlan

ABS-CBN News  Aug 29 2016

Melvin “Dragon” Odicta and his wife, Merriam, met with Interior Secretary Mike Sueno on Thursday (August 25, 2016) to deny their alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

During the meeting at Camp Crame in Quezon City, the couple allegedly submitted their version of a ”drug matrix” involving lawmakers and local officials.

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