Quezon City Councilor Hero Bautista Tests Positive for Drug Use

Quezon City is the TOP Philippine City for DRUG USE.

Two of the PNP Narco Generals (Pagdilao and Tinio) named by President Duterte once headed the Quezon City Police Department. Two of the most NOTORIOUS DRUG-INFESTED police precincts in the Philippines, Stations 6 and 9 (their specialty being RECYCLING shabu from buy busts conducted by QCPD and/or PDEA), had their commanders relieved from duty. The whole 88 members of the QC District Anti Illegal Drug Unit have been reassigned. Thousands of small-time drug pushers and users have surrendered to authorities. At least two Quezon City District representatives (congressmen) and two Quezon City councilors are listed in INTELLIGENCE REPORTS as users/pushers/protectors in the LUCRATIVE DRUG TRAFFICKING BUSINESS. Now here comes HERO BAUTISTA, QC fourth Congressional district councilor, testing POSITIVE in a drug test conducted at the Quezon City Hall. Hero, a KNOWN DRUG USER, sought public office and won on the basis of his brother Herbert, currently serving his third term as QC Mayor. Photo from Google. bautista hero