Duterte says “De Lima is SCREWING her DRIVER, De Lima is SCREWING the nation”.

President Duterte in a speech to the Philippine National Police said that former Justice Secretary, now Senator, Leila De Lima is “SCREWING her driver and SCREWING the NATION”. The first part of the sentence refers to the ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP of then Justice Secretary De Lima with her DRIVER/LOVER Ronnie Dayan who was also her BODYGUARD and BAGMAN. An MMDA motorcycle escort formerly assigned to De Lima was also EXPOSED by the President. In a House of Representatives probe on the Bilibid Prison DRUG TRAFFICKING investigation, it was also revealed that then Justice Secretary De Lima would visit imprisoned DRUG LORD Jaybee Sebastian and stay in his KUBOL (PRIVATE QUARTERS inside the National Penitentiary) for HOURS at a time with only the COUPLE holed up in the KUBOL. The witness characterized the relationship of Sebastian and De Lima as ROMANTIC.

The SCREWING the Nation part refers to the effects of DRUGS in the moral and physical fiber of our country in which De Lima is currently being investigated as a NARCO PROTECTOR during her stint as a Justice Secretary. The House investigation has implicated De Lima’s staff members (Jonel Sanchez, Ronnie Dayan), DOJ appointee (Usec Baraan), BUCOR boss Bucayu and others. PHOTO shows the MATRIX initially revealed by President Duterte.







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