Leni Drug Report Preview – Nothing “explosive” but “recommendatory.”

The much anticipated Drug Report of Vice President Leni Robredo should be out by early next week according to her. The FIRED Drug Czar came out firing and threatened the Duterte Administration that she would continue fighting. The previously scheduled Southeast Games, however, made her postpone coming out with her findings and recommendations. With the Games over by this week, she would hold a press conference next week. Intervening events should dampen the force of the Leni expose (in case there are a few blockbusters there). First, there was the Liberal Party attack on the expense of the Games ceremonial cauldron (mainly by Leni party mate Senator Drilon) then mainstream mass media (generally supportive of the political opposition or, conversely, perceived to be against the Duterte Administration) were caught with their pants down in amateurish FAKE NEWS. Although Leni had no participation in the crude attacks and, in fact, she lauded the SEA Games, in a highly divided nation, anything against the Administration will affect President Duterte while fumbles committed by the opposition and mass media will have a negative effect on the Vice President. Second, the President ranted against the water concessionaires Manila Water (owned by the Ayalas and close to VP Leni) and Maynilad (owned by Manny Pangilinan). The pubic anger against corporate greed hit the Liberal Party as well since the Ayalas enjoyed close ties with the previous Liberal Party Noynoy Aquino Administration.

The Vice President has also commented that nothing “explosive” would be forthcoming so all we can expect are motherhood statements. Be that as it may, the Filipino people would be waiting for what she has to say. Barring any real “fireworks”, we can expect little new information at a time when naming names would be the only way to propel her sagging popularity ratings up. Coming from the disastrous 2019 senatorial campaign where the Liberal Party received a sound thrashing (ZERO, nada, zilch), the opposition could be headed for another electoral debacle in the presidential and senatorial elections of 2022.


leni ayala cropped


Robredo to divulge drug war findings next week

By: Gabriel Pabico Lalu, INQUIRER
December 10, 2019
MANILA, Philippines – Vice President Leni Robredo is set to release her findings and observations on the government’s drug war on December 16, Monday, she said in an ambush interview on Tuesday.

“Yung ulat hinihintay lang natin matapos ‘yong SEA Games, matatapos siya on Thursday, pero nasa Basilan at Marawi kasi ako so probably sa Monday gagawin dahil wala ako the rest of the week,” Robredo said.

“Most probably Monday,” she added.

Robredo’s statements came in view of anticipation from critics and supporters alike regarding the publication of her report, which was collated before she was fired as Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD) co-chair last November 24.

The Vice President previously said that she would wait for the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games to end before she would announce the findings in order not to shift attention from the sporting event.

Robredo was appointed ICAD co-chair by President Rodrigo Duterte last October 31, which she accepted on November 6.  Her designation came after the President was frustrated with her interview with a foreign news outlet where she allegedly called a stop on the drug war campaign of the government.

During her stint at ICAD, Robredo pushed for the scrapping of Oplan Tokhang, the integration of community-based rehabilitation efforts, and the creation of a baseline data on the drug war.

However, her post also accompanied several obstacles, as she was initially prevented from seeing the list of high-value drug targets as it was deemed confidential and unnecessary for her to see.

But when her co-chair, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director General Aaron Aquino tried to show her a copy of the confidential data, Robredo begged off pending clarification from Duterte on the scope and limitations of her role.


Robredo to release drug war report next week

Helen Flores (The Philippine Star)
December 11, 2019

MANILA, Philippines — Nothing “explosive” but “recommendatory.”

This was how Vice President Leni Robredo described her upcoming report on the government’s drug war.

“For me, explosive is too cinematic. We can expect recommendation to make it (war on drugs) better,” Robredo said yesterday.

The Vice President said she would make public her report on Monday.

“We saw some gaps and our recommendations are intended to help in correcting these mistakes, in addressing the gaps,” she said.

Robredo maintained no sensitive information related to the anti-illegal drug campaign would be divulged in her report.

“We tried to be as comprehensive as possible, given the very limited time given to us. There were things that we don’t have personal knowledge of,” she said.

President Duterte appointed Robredo as co-chair of the Inter-agency Committee on Anti-illegal Drugs (ICAD) early November following her criticisms of his drug war.

Only 19 days in her post, the President fired Robredo after she met with representatives of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the US embassy.

Duterte said he does not trust Robredo with classified information, calling her a “scatterbrain.”

Meanwhile, Robredo yesterday called for justice and support for orphans and family members who lost their loved ones to drug war killings as the nation marked International Human Rights Day.

She also called for the improvement of community-based rehabilitation for drug users.

Robredo made the call during the launch of the special edition of Istorya ng Pag-asa photo gallery, featuring the suffering and struggle of the orphaned families at the Commission on Human Rights office in Quezon City.

Government data showed over 6,000 drug offenders have been killed in the anti-drug operations since Duterte assumed office in June 2016.

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Duterte in LAST BATTLE, this time against the OLIGARCHS. He has named the Ayalas of Manila Water and Manny Pangilinan of Maynilad. The problem stems from a victory the two water concessionaires secured from an international court. Mr. Duterte claims that the contracts entered by the Philippine government are detrimental to the Filipino people so he intends to file economic sabotage or PLUNDER charges against the owners of water distributor companies. PLUNDER is NON-BAILABLE. To stress his point, Duterte injected some of his patented politically incorrect statements saying that if he can not achieve his ends in the usual legal way, he would just lock up the water company offices (with the oligarchs inside) and pour gasoline and burn the whole place down. At his advanced age, the President is ready to go to prison. President Duterte also mentioned that MAINSTREAM MEDIA is controlled by big business so news release is ignored or selective (only favorable to huge corporations and conglomerates).

water no bail


‘Milked by billions’: Duterte threatens economic sabotage case vs water distributors

Arianne Merez, ABS-CBN News

Dec 03 2019

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte slammed Tuesday an international court order requiring government to pay water concessionaires billions in fines as he claimed that Filipinos were being “milked by billions.”

A visibly irate Duterte argued that the government’s contract with Pangilinan-owned Maynilad and Ayala-led Manila Water was unfair to begin with, as he explained that the concessionaires treated water “not as a natural resource but as a commodity.”

“We are being milked by billions and pinapabayad pa tayo ng mga (we are asked to pay) fines and penalties,” he said in a speech in Malacañang.

“Ang kontrata napakatagilid na tagilid because if they fail to realize the profit during the lifetime of the contract or at any period babayad tayo sa nalugi nila. Anak ng… P***** i** naman ninyo kung ganun,” he added.

(The contract is really lopsided because if they fail to realize the profit during the lifetime of the contract or at any period, we will shoulder their losses.)

The Singapore-based Permanent Court of Arbitration earlier ordered government to pay P3.4 billion to Maynilad and P7.4 billion to Manila Water as compensation for losses the water concessionaires incurred due to denied rate increases.

Maynilad Chairman Manuel Pangilinan earlier said his firm is “more than willing” to drop arbitration proceedings with government as long as there is a “way forward” on tariffs.

Manila Water, for its part, said that it would work with the government “for an orderly and managed satisfaction of the award.”

Following the court rulings, Duterte said he has asked the Department of Finance and the government’s top lawyer to craft a new contract on water distribution that is “really favorable to the public.”

“Bigay mo sa kanila (give it to them). ‘This is the amended contract. Accept it or nothing to it’,” Duterte said.

Angered by the required payment, the President said he would “expose” people who benefited from the supposedly lopsided water distribution contract.

“I-expose ko talaga ‘yung mga mayaman na nakikinabang sa bayan na libre,” he said.

(I will expose rich people who benefit from the country for free.)

“Hihilahin ko sila, kung ako titirahin nila but I will make their life from hereon very, very, very miserable,” he said.

(I will bring them down. They can hit me but I will make their life from hereon very, very, very miserable.)

Duterte even slammed the Ayalas for supposedly cheating the government of its dues.

“They do not pay corporate income tax. Ang corporate income tax hinuhulog nila sa tao,” he said.

“Patingin ko sa mga Pilipino kung paano manampal ng mga milyonaryo, bilyonaryo. Le**e kayo… Inano ninyo ang Pilipino e,” he added.

(I will show the Filipinos how to slap millionaires and billionaires.)



Hospital Rejected Preggy gives birth on the STREET, Viral Photo comments – Isko versus Joy compared

qc ndh nanganak


May viral photo ng isang buntis na pinauwi ng Novaliches District Hospital sa Quezon City. Halos 1 milyong people reached na ang nakamit ng post. Napaanak ang pasyente sa kalsada. Natural lamang na ang mga kawani ng ospital ay pinagdiskitahan ng mga netizens na nagpaabot ng kanilang maasim na mga comments. Yun lang tila NAHATI ang mga taga Quezon City kung may pananagutan ang punong abala ng lungsod na si Mayora. Sabi ng iba na sapagkat ang NDH ay isang Local Government Unit hospital at pagaari ng Lungsod Quezon, dapat daw sisihin si Mayora sa maling pamamalakad sa nasangkot na ospital. Sabi naman ng mga tagapagtanggol ni Mayora na hanggang antas ng pamunuan ng ospital lang daw ang dapat sisihin sa kabila ng patatalaga ni Mayora ng Medical Director at direktang pangangasiwa ng lungsod sa NDH. 

Ang isang maliwanag na pinatutunguan ng lagpas sampung libong Likes, Comments at Shares ay naihahambing ang Lungsod Quezon sa Lungsod ng Maynila na may bago ring alkalde sa pagkatao ni Isko Moreno. Sapagkat may mga naiulat din problema ang ospital na pagaari ng Maynila, INAKO agad ni Yorme Kois ang responsibilidad at inimbistigahan ang pangyayari para mabigyan ng kaukulang parusa ang mga kawani ng ospital (kung kailangan) at makapaglabas ng mga patakaran upang lalong gumanda ang serbisyo ng naturang ospital at iba pang ospital at health center na pagaari rin ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

Sa Quezon City, dahil sa marami ang nagmamahal kay Mayora, pakay nilang ilayo ang alkalde nila sa sisi at hayaan nalang daw si Mayora gumawa ng kaukulang pananaliksik, imbistigasyon, paghuhusga at pagpataw ng parusa sa mga may sala. 

Ang pagkakaiba ng pagtrato sa mayor ng Maynila at Quezon City ay magagamit namang halimbawa kung ano ang mga katangian ng MAGAGALING na mayor (kagaya ni Isko) at ang mga MAHIHINANG mayor (na si Mayora ang halimbawa). Ang pinuno na sa umpisa palang ay inaako ang responsibilidad sa problema ay agad patungo na sa solusyon kasi sinisigurado na niya na siya na ang bahala kung anong kabutihan ang dapat gawin. Ang pinuno naman na umiiwas, pinaliliit o itinatanggi ang kaniyang responsibilidad sa problema ay magpapaikotikot pa para makahanap ng solusyon sa suliraning hinaharap. Sapagkat ayaw niya masangkot o madungisan ang pangalan niya, malaki rin ang pagkakataon na pagtakpan niya ang mga may pagakamaling opiyales ng ospital na siya mismo ang nagtalaga.

Maliwanag na si Isko ay ang media darling ngayon hindi lang sa Lungsod Maynila kundi sa buong Metro Manila at buong Plipinas. Makikita rin kung bakit ang pamamaraan ni Mayora ng pamamalakad ng Quezon City ay umaani ng maraming batikos. Sana ay pamarisan nalang ang mga mabubuting gawain ni Isko ng mga LGU executives sa buong Pilipinas.

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BOOM or BUST: Leni drug war disclosure

After a humiliating dismissal from her Drug Czar assignment, VP Robredo came out firing and threatened to spill the beans on the Duterte Administration about her alleged findings during her short (18 days) stint at running the campaign against illegal drugs.

leni ulat

She wants to make us believe that she gained access to sensitive information and that she would be making recommendations. Of course, she can not help herself from denouncing the President, as in (according to her), he has not read two of her reports previously submitted to the Chief Executive.

The question of timing her blockbuster revelation is certainly working against the Vice President. Usually, she should have taken the initiative for a tell all press conference. If not during her first post removal speech (where she said she would reveal her findings at a later date), then immediately after, as in one to two days later, since media and public attention were still glued to her due to the two week comings and goings that led to the President finally deciding to chop her off the Drug War.

Now we have the Southeast Asian Games where the Yellow media committed one fumble after another by manufacturing FAKE NEWS. Whether there is a conspiracy to put the country in bad light or mainstream media is simply exposing its utter stupidity is purely academic. The important thing is that the majority of the Filipino nation consider all these errors as an affront against the Duterte Administration and the Philippines. Since the President still retains very high popularity ratings and Leni is the poster girl of the opposition, any tarring of the Yellow media would have a negative effect on her. Significantly, Leni pulled a turn around act by praising the SEA Games against common perception that she would be part of the hater and bashing bandwagon. Since the Philippines is headed to a spectacular SEA Games finish, obviously the President would reap most of the glory while the Liberal Party would have to lick its wounds as their personalities exerted great effort to put the management of the SEA Games to shame.

Then we have a strong typhoon which would focus public concern on the devastating damages. The SEA Games would be affected by postponements and changes in venue but should proceed normally after the storm has passed. Robredo issued a statement that she would disclose her discovery after the SEA Games are finished. In other words, Leni would be announcing her conclusions and recommendations at a time when the Philippines would be in a celebratory mode with Christmas just around the corner.

For the Vice President to create massive impact, she would have to name names (the closer to the Duterte Administration, the better for her) but if she deals with generalities like the conduct of drug raids that resulted in deaths, then Leni would be exposed to charges of whetting the appetite of the public without substantial information to back up her claims.


Robredo: FIRED, FIRED UP, FIRES first salvo for 2022

leni laban

With a feeling of righteous indignation, the deposed DRUG CZAR came out fighting, pointing to the Palace as the cause of her removal from office in the government anti-drug campaign. Should she run for President in 2022 as would be her natural course of action since she now leads the tattered political opposition, that speech will be remembered as her first salvo. It would be an uphill battle since the Duterte Administration, now on its fourth year in power, still maintains high popularity ratings but she laid out the primary focus of her presumed Presidential run strategy – to put the Duterte Administration on the ropes for its conduct of the War on Drugs. In the final 2022 analysis, it would be the Filipino electorate who would decide what version or narrative of the drug war to believe and with it the next President of the Philippines.


Robredo to Duterte: What are you scared of?

By: Stephanie M. Florida – Philippine Daily Inquirer
November 26, 2019

Robredo to Duterte: What are you scared of?

SAN FERNANDO, Camarines Sur, Philippines — “If they think this is over, they don’t know me,” Vice President Leni Robredo said on Monday, after President Rodrigo Duterte fired her from her lead role in his brutal war on drugs.

“I have just begun,” Robredo told reporters here. “If we had the same goal, why did they not just cooperate? Were they not really serious in fighting drugs or did I put some interests at risk?”

Classified information

The President fired Robredo as cochair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs on Sunday, 18 days after she accepted his offer of a lead role in the war on drugs—with a directive to all agencies to support her and a promise to give her “everything” she would need to press the crackdown on narcotics.

But when she requested access to the government’s list of high-value targets last week, the law-enforcement agencies on the committee balked, and Duterte declared that he did not trust her because she was with the political opposition.

Robredo asked why the President appointed her to the committee if he did not trust her.

“He should be direct with me. I’m a straight talker,” she said. “If he does not want me here anymore … and wants to take back the appointment, he should just say the word.”

The President’s spokesperson, Salvador Panelo, told reporters in Busan, South Korea, on Sunday night that the President took offense at Robredo’s “taunt.”

“You don’t say that to your boss who is the President of the Philippines,” Panelo said.

Mr. Duterte himself had said he had not seen Robredo work, though Panelo said the President had not found the time to read two reports that had been submitted by the Vice President after her meetings with members of the interagency committee, US and UN officials and representatives of several organizations.

‘Report to the nation’

Robredo was to submit a third report to the President this week, her office said on Sunday before news broke that she had been fired.

It would include all that she had found out about the campaign against illegal drugs, she said.

“I will disclose all that I have discovered and my recommendations,” Robredo said. “They may have taken away my position, but they can never take away my determination.”

Robredo swore to continue trying to stop the killings in the crackdown on drugs and bring the killers to justice.

‘What are you scared of?’

She said: “When I took on the challenge, I asked them, ‘Are you ready for me?’ Now I ask, what are you scared of?”

Addressing the President, she said: “I did not ask for this position. I did the job that you transferred to me seriously.”

What the nation wants, she said, is a government that is a true champion of the people against illegal drugs.

“The enemy is drugs and the drug lords, not me,” she said.

In Busan, where Duterte was attending the 2019 Asean-Republic of Korea Commemorative Summit, Panelo ratcheted up the attack on Robredo, belittling her plan to disclose to the public what she had learned about the counternarcotics campaign.

In a text message to reporters covering Duterte’s participation in the summit, Panelo scoffed at Robredo’s question about what the administration feared the nation might find out if she was given access to classified information.

“She can do anything she pleases,” Panelo said. “Anything that she claims she has discovered [is information provided] to her. She was precisely appointed, apart from giving her the opportunity to assist in the campaign against illegal drugs, to let her know that everything in the drug war is transparent.”

‘Fired for incompetence’

Panelo insisted that Robredo “was fired for incompetence, in addition to her failure to introduce new measures she claimed she had, as against what she claimed to be ineffective method in fighting the drug menace.”

He added: “She was weighed and found wanting.”

Robredo has been a relentless critic of President Duterte’s war on drugs, which the Philippine National Police acknowledges has killed more than 6,000 suspects but human rights groups say the death toll could be much higher.

In an interview with Reuters on Oct. 23, Robredo said the war on drugs “was not working,” angering Duterte.

Hitting back, Duterte offered Robredo the position of drug czar for six months, but later changed it to cochair of the interagency committee on narcotics.

Against the advice of her allies, Robredo accepted the offer on Nov. 6, causing consternation among allies of the administration who had expected her to reject the job.

When she asked for the list of the government’s high-value targets, her new coworkers stonewalled her, and President Duterte lashed out at her in a news conference, calling her “scatterbrain” and accusing her of “grandstanding” in the press.

On Sunday, after Robredo had made it clear that she would not be stopped, Mr. Duterte fired her.

‘Caught in his own trap’

In a statement emailed to the press on Monday, Sen. Leila de Lima, detained on drug charges that the Duterte administration brought after she began investigating the killings in the war on drugs in 2016, interpreted what happened.

“By firing [Vice President] Leni Robredo, he has admitted that he was caught in his own trap, defeated in his own challenge, and thoroughly exposed as a man without honor and whose word is as good as the next lie that comes out of his big mouth.”—WITH A REPORT FROM DJ YAP


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Duterte FIRES Drug Czar Robredo

leni leave

Leni was (and most probably will still be) a pain in the neck of the Duterte Administration with all her criticisms against the War on Drugs. So one day, the President offered her a position in the government anti drug campaign. There was the initial hesitation to accept the appointment as her opposition supporters sensed a trap. It was obvious that a rejection on her part would open her to charges of abandoning a chance to have her voice officially heard in the planning and conduct of drug raids and buy busts. There was the hair-splitting on whether she got a cabinet level post (she did not), the request for additional budgetary support, the consistent message that drug suspects need not die while being arrested and the consultation with international agencies. The Palace issued a warning that divulging state secrets to foreigners could get her fired. Then President Digong made mention that he DID NOT TRUST Leni to which the Vice President answered that if she was not trusted, why was she appointed in the first place. All these events played out in public view, in press conferences, speeches and interviews and it was obvious that the top two officials in the land had a wide gap in management style and perception on how to get the task done. Leni mentioned that she would not resign. Senator Kiko Pangilinan opined that it would be better for the President to fire Leni rather than for her to suffer from daily Palace tirades. In the end, the President had enough and did the only logical move in a messy situation that was dragging for many days – he FIRED her. Actually this is the second time Leni got the axe, the first time was as head of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council in the first year of the Duterte Presidency.


Duterte fires Robredo as ICAD co-chair — Medialdea

GMA News Online

President Rodrigo Duterte has fired Vice President Leni Robredo as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD), Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea told GMA News Online on Sunday.

Medialdea confirmed the termination with a one-word text message: “Yes.”

In a statement, Malacañang said that the firing “is in response to the suggestion of Liberal Party President, Senator Francis Pangilinan, to just fire the Vice President from her post. This is also in response to the taunt and dare of VP Robredo for the President to just tell her that he wants her out.”

Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo had earlier also characterized Robredo’s asking about her mandate as ICAD co-chair as “taunting” and “daring” the President to say he does not want her in the job.

“If VP Robredo wanted clarification in the scope and limits of her new task, she could have sought audience with the President, which she failed to do. As always, she talked—not with her appointing authority—but right in front of the cameras asking the President on her supposed mandate,” Panelo said in Sunday’s statement.

“If VP Robredo is really serious in addressing the cause of the drug problem, she should have gone down to the grassroots—talking to the victims, to their families, and to the communities. Instead, she opted to have audience with the United Nations and the United States embassy officials who remain out-of-touch from the realities of the local drug problem on the ground,” he added.

In the 18 days since Robredo accepted the post, she has visited Market 3 in Navotas City, a hotspot in the police’s anti-drug operations; met with reformed drug users in Dinalupihan, Bataan; and gone to a drug rehabilitation center in Quezon City.

She has also met with anti-drugs stakeholders such as the Dangerous Drugs Board, the Department of the Interior and Local Government, and the Department of Health.

GMA News Online has reached out to Robredo for comment.

‘A need to know everything?’

On Saturday, Duterte said that Robredo’s mandate as ICAD co-chair is indicated in the Executive Order (EO) that created the committee.

“She would be asking for the job description. It’s there in the law, it’s the EO creating itong ICAD. Nandiyan lang, basahin lang niya ‘yan, it’s all there and that’s where she would really exercise her duty,” Duterte told reporters.

“Is there a need for you, Leni, to know everything? I don’t think it’s good,” he added.

Duterte had said that he would make Robredo the country’s “drug czar” and give her law enforcement powers after Robredo criticized the administration’s bloody anti-drugs campaign, saying that it is not working since the number of drug users and traffickers are still rising despite it.

Robredo accepted the position on November 6, a day after Duterte designated her co-chair of the anti-drugs body along with Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency chief Aaron Aquino.

Just hours earlier on Sunday, Robredo said that while the President may fire her, she would not leave the post by resigning.

“Siya din iyong may kapangyarihan na tanggalin ako,” she said of Duterte. “Ako, siyempre, kapag tinanggal ako, wala naman ako, wala akong magagawa. Pero hindi ako magre-resign, dahil ngayon pa—ngayon pa na ang dami kong nakita na kailangan pang gawin, ngayon pa na tingin ko marami akong maitutulong. Kaya habang hindi pa ako tinatanggal, gagawin ko iyong trabaho ko.”

‘I cannot trust her’

Duterte has been critical of Robredo in the days since he appointed her to the position, saying he does not trust her and keeping the list of high-value drug targets from her.

He also said that certain information should only be given to her on a “need to know” basis.

He also threatened to fire her if she revealed “state secrets” after Robredo met with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), community-based advocacy groups, and US Embassy officials to discuss the drug problem in the country.

However, earlier on Sunday, Duterte apologized to Robredo for thinking that she had invited a US prosecutor and the UN to conduct a probe into the administration.

Late last week the Philippine National Police’s officer-in-charge Police Lieutenant General Archie Gamboa said that the PNP supports Robredo as ICAD co-chair.

Asked if he sees Robredo as an ally of the administration’s drug war, Gamboa said: “Of course, oo naman.”

In his statement, Panelo said that Robredo “has not presented any new program that she envisioned to implement. In a campaign where people’s lives are at risk, a day is an eternity. The government can not twiddle its thumb and sit idly hoping for a flash of brilliance from the Vice President.

“It is time to put the issue to eternal rest and bury it in the graveyard of what could have been, as well as dismiss any obstacle that impedes the government to focus on the issue at hand,” he added. — BM, GMA News

Relentless anti-drug cop killed in ambush

leni officer cropped

Lesson for Drug Czar Leni – DRUG LORDS are ARMED and DANGEROUS


Did Yape’s dogged pursuit of criminals kill him? 

BENJIE B. TALISIC – Sunstar Cebu
November 22, 2019

BEFORE he was gunned down in front of his wife in Cebu City Thursday, Police Lt. Col. Joie Pacito Yape Jr. led the arrest of prominent personalities, including elected government officials.

Investigators are now looking into whether his dogged pursuit of criminals led to his murder.

Central Visayas Police Office Director Valeriano de Leon on Friday, Nov. 22, 2019, ordered a thorough investigation into the killing of Yape.

“This is unacceptable. I’m ordering the City Police Office to thoroughly investigate, identify and arrest the suspects in this dastardly act,” de Leon said in a statement Friday, less than 24 hours after Yape was gunned down in Cebu City.

Yape, 49, was walking with his wife along Molave Street in Barangay Kamputhaw when he was shot and killed at 5:35 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 21.

Two men on a motorcycle, both wearing helmets, rode close to the couple near a hotel on Molave Street. The back rider shot Yape three times before they sped off towards Escario Street.


De Leon ordered the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) to form a Special Investigation Task Group (SITG) to find the culprits behind Yape’s murder, saying this was the usual procedure whenever a member of the police force was killed.

The SITG will initially comprise units of the CCPO and the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in Metro Cebu.

De Leon frowned on the return of motorcycle- riding gunmen carrying out ambush attacks in the city.

“I have given them (CCPO) instructions to broaden their information gathering so we can identify these guns for hire,” de Leon said.

The regional police chief believes Yape’s killing may have been related to his work, especially since Yape used to head the Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) of the Cebu Police Provincial Office.

Yape’s credentials

At the time of his ambush, Yape was assigned at the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service (IAS) in Camp Crame in Quezon City. He was in Cebu City for a three-day seminar on law and procurement planning.

As chief of the PIB, he led anti-drug operations against high-value targets.

Yape led the team that arrested former Medellin mayor Ricardo Ramirez in 2017 for possession of unlicensed firearms, ammunition and drug paraphernalia.

Ramirez was killed in his hospital room last June after 15 armed men stormed the Bogo-Medellin Medical Center where he had been held under hospital arrest.

CCPO Officer-in-Charge Col. Geovanie Maines, who is concurrently the deputy regional director for operations, said based on initial investigation, Yape’s assailants had waited outside the hotel where the seminar was being held.

Yape was also in Cebu City to attend an administrative hearing at 2 p.m. Thursday.

Maines said they will look into Yape’s work as Cebu PIB chief, during which he clashed with a number of big personalities.

He said that the hearing Yape attended at the Provincial Internal Affairs Service had to do with an administrative case they were facing in connection with an operation conducted in Medellin town when Yape was still PIB chief.


Yape’s wife, Lovely, a former Sanggunian Bayan member of the first district of Misamis Occidental, witnessed her husband’s murder.

Lovely told Superbalita Cebu it was hard to tell who could have ordered the hit on her husband since even while still assigned in Cebu, Yape had already made many enemies.

According to Lovely, from Cebu, Yape was assigned in Southern Leyte province. He then became chief of the City Intelligence Branch of Ormoc City, Leyte and police chief in Calbayog City, Samar before he was assigned to Camp Crame.

Among the people Yape’s team arrested in 2017 while he was PIB chief were self-confessed hitman Jinnefer Mercader, then barangay captain of Barangay Lugo in Borbon town; Mark Ferdinand “Dindin” Bas, barangay captain of Lagtang, Talisay City, who then CPPO director Eric Noble linked to self-confessed drug lord Franz Sabalones; Leodegreco “Greco” Sanchez, son of the late Cebu vice governor Greg Sanchez, for illegal possession of firearms and drug paraphernalia; and San Fernando town councilors Johnny Arriesgado, Edwin Villaver and Alfonso Donaire IV, who then Police Regional Office 7 director Noli Taliño tagged as drug protectors.

Unidentified men shot Bas dead in Sibonga town in October 2018. Magsico Barangay Captain Arriesgado, who sat in the Municipal Council as Association of Barangay Councils president, met the same fate in San Fernando in January 2019, as did Donaire in Zambanga del Sur in February 2019.

Yabe also made enemies with prominent families in Calbayog after making arrests, Lovely said.

Yape’s body will be brought to the town of Jimenez in Misamis Occidental for his wake and interment on Saturday, Nov. 30. (with TAP)