UPDATE on 2016 Parojinog DRUG Matrix – 3 DEAD, 1 recently shot in the head and 2 in jail

The recent SNIPER ambush against Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental Mayor Michael Gutierrez adds another chapter to the violent and deadly incidents that followed the release of the Misamis Occidental DRUG MATRIX headed by then Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. Taking their roots from the Kuratong Baleleng bank robbery and kidnap for ransom gang, the second generation Parojinogs were able to use their ill gotten wealth to fund a Robin Hood persona of giving money to the poor, generating mass appeal and later entering politics. Loads and loads of cash came from illegal gambling and drugs.

By the entry of the Rodrigo Duterte administration in 2016, Reynaldo Parojinog controlled not only Ozamiz City as mayor with his daughter Nova Princess as vice mayor but also at least 8 town mayors in the province. Octavio Parojinog Jr was a member of the Misamis Occidental Provincial Board. In 2017, the house of Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. was raided with the deaths of Reynaldo Sr., his wife, his brother (Octavio Jr), his sister and a nephew among more that a dozen killed in the police operation.

Reynaldo’s son, Reynaldo Jr., and Vice Mayor daughter are both currently in jail. High profile Herbert Colangco, reputedly in a relationship with Nova Princess, is also in jail. Richard Parojinog died while in prison.

Among the non-Parojinog second liners, the more prominent names being mentioned are 1. Clarin Mayor David Navarro (said to be a member of Kuratong Baleleng together with Reynaldo Sr.). Navarro was killed in an ambush in Cebu City in 2019. 2. Sinacaban Mayor Cris Mahilac went viral after photos were made public wherein his house was plastered with PHP 1000 and PHP 500 bills which were used as wall paper. His wife is an avid luxury brand (Hermes among others) hand bag collector with lots of pictures to prove it too. 3. Lopez Jaena Mayor Michael Gutierrez is the CRYING local chief executive for weeping shamelessly after being named as a drug lord or drug lord protector. With Mayor Gutierrez being sidelined after being shot in the head, Mayor Cris Mahilac is now the most well known Parojinog associate that has avoided a BULLET in his body.

ORIGINAL 2016 Parohinog Drug Matrix article — https://balitangbalita.com/…/duterte-war-on-drugs-8…/

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