85% of Pinoys trust Rody – Pulse Asia

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Helen Flores (The Philippine Star) July 18, 2019 

MANILA, Philippines — Eighty-five percent of Filipinos continued to express trust in President Duterte and approved of his performance, Pulse Asia said in its second quarter survey.

Duterte’s approval rating, however, slid by two percentage points from 87 percent in March 2019 to 85 percent in June 2019.

Those who disapproved of the President’s performance dropped a point from four percent to three percent.

The remaining 11 percent of Filipinos were undecided with regard to Duterte’s performance – up a point from 10 percent.

The survey was conducted on June 24-30, with 1,200 adults aged 18 and above nationwide as respondents.

On the other hand, those who don’t trust Duterte fell by a point to four percent. Indecision with regard to Filipinos’ trust in Duterte stayed at 11 percent.

“Presidential performance and trust ratings remain essentially unchanged between March and June 2019,” Pulse Asia said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Leni Robredo obtained an approval rating of 55 percent, up six points from 49 percent in March.

Robredo’s disapproval rating fell from four percent to three percent. The number of undecided also went down from 29 percent to 21 percent.

Robredo’s trust rating also improved five points to 52 percent from 47 percent in March.

Distrust in her, however, rose from 23 percent to 26 percent. Indecision toward the Vice President’s trustworthiness was unchanged at 11 percent.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III got the biggest improvement in approval score from 65 percent to 77 percent.

Sotto’s disapproval rating fell a point to seven percent in the second quarter. Those who were undecided dropped from 27 percent to 16 percent.

Sotto’s trust rating also increased to 73 percent from 61 percent.

Distrust in him, however, rose by a point to seven percent, while the undecided dropped from 32 percent to 21 percent.

Then Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s approval rating rose four points to 26 percent in June.

Disapproval of Arroyo’s work declined from 51 percent to 47 percent, while the number of undecided rose to 27 percent from 26 percent.

Trust in the speaker also improved from 19 percent to 22 percent, while distrust in her fell from 54 percent to 49 percent.

Those who could not say whether or not they trust the former president increased by three points to 29 percent. – With Paolo Romero


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