Pirmado ni Faeldon ang papeles ni Sanchez, ngunit dati niyang itinanggi ang pagpirma

sachez faeldon

Faeldon signed Sanchez’s release order, document shows

GMA News
August 31, 2019
Convicted murderer and rapist Antonio Sanchez has supposedly gotten the go-signal of the government to walk free, documents obtained by GMA News showed.

According to a report by Jun Veneracion on GMA News TV’s State of the Nation with Jessica Soho, the document was signed by Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) chief Nicanor Faeldon.

Faeldon earlier denied signing the release order.  He did not issue a statement in reaction to the latest report.

GMA News Online also contacted Faeldon on Saturday morning but has yet to receive a reply.

According to the document, the release order was for an inmate named Antonio Leyva Sanchez, “who was found to have served 40 years upon retroactive application of RA No. 10592 and was certified to have no other legal cause to be further detained, shall be released from confinement.”

The document was dated August 20, 2019.

Earlier, the family of Sanchez said they have been informed about the former mayor’s impending release and was supposed to fetch him at the New Bilibid Prisons.

However, outrage over his looming freedom because of the law’s good conduct time allowance (GCTA) provision has prompted the government to call for a review of the implementation of the law.

It was earlier reported that Sanchez, who was sentenced to lengthy jail terms in the 1993 rape and murder of Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of her friend, Allan Gomez, is one of the thousands of inmates eligible for time reductions to their sentence due to GCTA.

BuCor on Thursday said it has already released close to 2,000 inmates convicted of heinous crimes on the basis of good conduct-based reductions to their prison terms.

Data released by the bureau shows that of the 22,049 persons deprived of liberty (PDL) released from 2014 to 2019 due to good conduct time allowances (GCTA), 1,914 had been convicted of heinous crimes such as murder and rape.

The Senate will conduct an inquiry into the implementation of the GCTA next week.—With a report from Margaret Claire Layug/LDF/KG, GMA News

Bong Go – Cong Lagman KONTRA sa mga MAHIHIRAP sa isyu ng Malasakit Center

lagman anti poor cropped
Bong Go defends Malasakit Centers
Paolo Romero (The Philippine Star)
August 28, 2019 

MANILA, Philippines — Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go denied yesterday allegations that he was using for political ends the “Malasakit Centers” being put up in many parts of the country.

In a privilege speech, Go hit back at Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, who earlier questioned the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s funding of the centers, a pet project of the senator.

“Congressman Lagman, do not be anti-poor. The people’s money must rightfully be returned to them,” Go said in Filipino. “You should be ashamed to your constituents. You should be ashamed to the millions of Filipinos who got help from this program.”

Malasakit Centers are a “one-stop shop” facility where Filipinos seeking medical assistance could be served by several government agencies in one place instead of them going to various offices.

Go said residents of Albay were benefiting from the program with Lagman’s son Vice Gov. Grex Lagman attending the opening of such a center in the province.

He said he received reports that those confined in government hospitals in Albay were required to visit the congressman just to get some benefits or assistance so that he could “show to their faces that it’s you (Lagman) giving assistance.”

“That’s why it truly saddens me that I’m the one accused of partisan political activity when I’ve never asked any endorsement, identification or privilege care from people that ask for help,” Go said.

He challenged Lagman to put up his own facilities called “maramot (selfish)” and “manhid (callous)” centers.

He said the program was designed to streamline and expedite the delivery of medical services to Filipinos, especially to those who need them most.

“It is one of the solutions of the Duterte administration to provide quick and quality access to healthcare to all Filipinos, regardless of their age, sex, ethnic background, religion – and let me emphasize this – regardless of their political affiliation,” Go said.


Lagman hits ‘ballistic’ Bong Go: I didn’t even name you

Mara Cepeda – Rappler

August 28, 2019
Veteran lawmaker Edcel Lagman was riled by the first privilege speech of neophyte Senator Bong Go.

Instead of enumerating his priorities and his legislative agenda, as expected of any first-time senator, Go devoted his maiden privilege speech to lambasting the 77-year-old opposition congressman. He even called the veteran lawmaker names and told him his face was beyond repair – all because he had raised questions about Go’s pet project, the Malasakit Centers.

In his speech, Go said, “Wala rin pong legal basis ang pagtulong ng pag-repair sa inyong mukha. At paprangkahin ko na rin po kayo, your image is beyond repair. Hindi ikakaayos ng mukha ‘nyo ang pagkontra ninyo sa interes ng mga Pilipino.”

(There’s no legal basis for helping you have your face fixed. I will be frank with you, your image is beyond repair. Standing against the interests of Filipinos won’t fix your face.)

In a statement issued Wednesday, August 28, the Albay 1st District Representative hit Go’s “ballistic reaction” to the questions he had raised to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) regarding the Malasakit Centers.

“Neophyte Senator Bong Go, instead of defining his legislative agenda, which is usually the subject of a maiden privilege speech, squandered his chance of citing the causes he will promote and defend during his term by personally attacking me for being critical of the Malasakit Centers even as he refused to be interpellated,” Lagman said.

He said Go’s reaction was “unprovoked” as he did not even mention the senator’s name when he asked the PCSO during its budget briefing “to provide the legal basis for its funding the Malasakit Centers and for PCSO to investigate their effectiveness.”

Lagman took offense at Go’s claims that he is anti-poor and “mema” (short for may masabi lang), or someone who just blurts out something for the sake of talking – just because the Albay congressman wanted clarity on the Malasakit Centers, which he believed was being used as a “partisan tool.”

“Paucity of merit and reason cannot be concealed by unparliamentary language and malevolent innuendoes,” Lagman said.

The Malasakit Centers are a pet project of Go, who was the longtime aide of President Rodrigo Duterte before he ran and won for senator in the May polls. The centers are part of the Individual Medical Assistance Program charity program which received P8.68 billion in 2018 from PCSO’s net charity fund.

In the lead-up to the 2019 campaign period, Malasakit Centers displayed large posters of the face of Go, who was present whenever a new center was opened across the country. The Comelec later ordered the Department of Health (DOH) to take down these posters after citizens complained that government funds were being used to promote Go’s senatorial candidacy.

In his speech on Tuesday, August 27, Go accused Lagman of “not reviewing” his facts before talking, and said that Albay is among the top beneficiaries of the centers’ services.

On the contrary, Lagman said on Wednesday: “The allegations against me by Go are completely unfounded and contrived….I always talk sense and my statements are well studied and anchored on facts.”

Lagman cited complaints he received from his constituents that representatives of PCSO, the DOH, and the Department of Social Welfare and Development did not regularly man the Malasakit Centers allegedly for lack of personnel.

“Contrary to the repeated pronouncements of Go that the Malasakit Centers are ‘one-stop shops’ for post-confinement financial assistance, they are mere outlets for referral to the main local offices of the participating agencies where the beneficiaries have to just the same queue in long lines because the representatives in the centers do not have the authority nor discretion to make assessments either for partial or full payment of hospital bill balances,” said Lagman.

He maintained that he had “always been a pro-poor legislator long before the advent of the Malasakit Centers.

“My legislative performance and accomplishments speak of my advocacies for the disadvantaged and marginalized,” the congressman added.

Lagman also disputed Go’s claim that his constituents were required to go to his house to get referrrals for financial assistance. “Ever since they invariably approach my staff in my congressional and district offices,” he said. – Rappler.com


Problema sa agrikultura DEDMA ang Senado

PRESYO ng palay at kopra BAGSAK

Bagamat importante ang mga suliranin dala ng kasarian, nakakahalata ang mga magsasaka na tila hindi binibigyan pansin ang kanilang mga problema tungkol sa presyo ng palay at kopra. Milyonmilyon ang mga manggagawang bukid na naghihikahos dahil sa malaking pagbagsak ng presyo ng kanilang mga tanim, kaya lalo pa silang nahihirapan sa pangarawaraw na pamumuhay.

***************sogie cropped


Ihi lang ang problema ng transwoman ang mga senatong nagpatawag agad ng imbestigasyon sa Senado.

Paano naman pag ang isyu ay patungkol sa mga magsasaka? Ang kopra at palay ay bagsak na ang presyo samantala ang mga bilihin ay tumataas buwan buwan. Kailan kaya magpatawag ng imbestigasyon ang mga senatong sa Senado upang matulungan ang mga mahihirap na mga magsasaka?

Bill to change name of Camp Agunaldo to Camp Antonio Luna (who was killed on the orders of Emilio Aguinaldo)

Luna aguinaldo


Inggo De Guzman (author)

This list is very incomplete. There are hundreds of such incoherent and even self-contradictory, self-inculpating LIES about Bonifacio that I have encountered and documentarily refuted in my three thousand pages of published work on what I call the NEW HISTORY of the Philippine Revolution, the latest of which being the two volumes (1076 pages) of my RESCUED HISTORY, which came out in the US in 2018 together with my first selected poems, TRYSTS, ELEGIES AND REVOLUTIONS (358 pages),which may be ordered through AMAZON.COM

{not to mention some two thousand pages of journal articles and magazine (Phil. Progressive Review, The Review, WHO Magazine…) and newspaper (Malaya, Phil. Journal, etc.) columns across 25 years. Many of these lies were manufactured by Emilio Aguinaldo himself–the unspeakable coward and counterrevolutionary traitor and vendor of the Revolution (twice–to the Spaniards and then to the Americans, to consummate which vendings he had to murder at least 12 Filipino generals who opposed them, including Andres Bonifacio himself and his two brothers Ciriaco and Procopio, and, yes Antonio Luna and Gregorio del Pilar, but also the Nueva Ecija general who invited him to hide in his own Biyak na Bato stronghold, Mamerto Natividad…), In the majority of which I have documentarily demonstrated that the crimes, the errors, the evil traits and acts he was accusing Bonifacio of,were actually committed by or belonged to none other than him, Emilio Aguinaldo himself! (I will relate a number of these tomorrow–my wifi is faltering)///The most serious of these crimes was of course the counterrevolutionary one of TREASON, sometimes called “diivisiveness” (as does this arrogant nameless almost inexistent, workless, bookless, tergiversating, self-insinuating perseverator “Tomy Matic IV” here–who he?) and “factionalism” by such as Aguinaldo’s nephew Teodoro Agoncillo, and the Aguinaldo apologist and Marcos Martial Law crony from Tarlac, Onofre D. Corpuz … In my abovementioned works but most exhaustively in the two-volume RESCUED HISTORY, I have EXHAUSTIVELY DOCUMENTED and definitively established that the divisive, factionalist and truly treasonous because counterrevolutionary TRAITOR FROM THE VERY START was actually Emilio Aguinaldo, who refused to obey Bonifacio’s and the Katipunan Revolutionary Government’s Supreme Council’s order to attack his own Kawit presidencia (muncipality) on the night of August 29, 1896, and who two days later on August 31, instead declared the formation of his own government and army and was recruiting all the mayors of Cavite to join him. Then, barely a month and a half later,In October 1896, Aguinaldo in a second manifesto declared the establishment of his socalled IMUS REPUBLIC,”complete with a constitution” plagiarized for him from the Maura Law by the ilustrado traitor and Rizal-friend, Edilberto Evangelista; and then on December 30, 1896, in the socalled IMUS ASSEMBLEA MAGNA,, he first attempted the same coup d’etat and overthrow of the Katipunan Revolutionary Government and its replacement by his own IMUS REPUBLIC–this was the same coup d’etat and all-Caviteno conspiracy that finally succeeded to do the same in Tejeros, the culmination of which was the murder of Bonifacio himself.–and of course the SALE, the SURRENDER FOR PAY, of the Revolution for 800,000 pesos plus 2 pesos per rifle turned in at BIYAK NA BATO.

Bill seeks to rename Camp Aguinaldo to Camp Antonio Luna
Delon Porcalla (The Philippine Star)

August 26, 2019

MANILA, Philippines — A senior administration lawmaker has filed a bill at the House of Representatives that seeks to rename the main headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines from Camp Emilio Aguinaldo to Camp General Antonio Luna.

House Bill 4047 of Surigao del Sur Rep. Johnny Pimentel also seeks to amend Republic Act 4434 or the 1965 law that changed the name of then-Camp Frank Murphy to Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo.

He issued the statement on today’s occasion of National Heroes Day.

Pimentel, former chairman of the House committee on good government, noted that the feisty Luna has been “described by historians as the most brilliant and capable of Filipino generals during the Philippine-American War.”

Luna, who was only 32 years old then, was chief of staff of the Philippine Revolutionary Army for 134 days during the Philippine-American War until his brutal assassination on June 5, 1899.

“We are counting on our bill to rouse all Filipinos, especially soldiers across the three branches – the Army, Air Force and Navy – to emulate and live up to Luna’s positive qualities, particularly his strong love of country and exceptional skills,” he added.

Pimentel, however, clarified that his Antonio Luna bill will “in no way seek to reduce Aguinaldo, the first President of the Philippines, and the Chief of Staff of the Philippine Revolutionary Army after Luna’s assassination.”

“Aguinaldo has been fittingly honored over the years, especially with the 41.4-kilometer Emilio Aguinaldo Highway,” he said, referring to the network of primary and secondary public roads passing through the busiest cities and municipalities of Cavite.

Luna had been widely credited for bringing “guerrilla warfare” into play way ahead of China’s Mao Zedong and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap, the Mindanao lawmaker pointed out.

He also cited Filipino revolutionary leader Apolinario Mabini’s estimation of Luna, which goes: “If he was sometimes hasty and even cruel in his resolution, it was because the Army had been brought to a desperate situation by the demoralization of the soldiers and the lack of ammunitions: nothing but action of rash courage and extraordinary energy could hinder its dissolution.”

Luna was hailed even by the best US military officers during the Philippine-American War.

Pimentel also mentioned James Franklin Bell, a US Army captain, who said that Luna “was the only general the Filipino army had.” Bell received the US Medal of Honor for actions during the Philippine-American War. Bell later became chief of staff of the US Army.

Congressman Pimentel cited Frederick Funston, a US Army colonel, who called Luna “the ablest and most aggressive leader of the Filipino Republic.” Funston was promoted to brigadier general for cleverly engineering the capture of Aguinaldo in Palanan, Isabela.

Funston also received the US Medal of Honor for actions during the Philippine-American War, and later rose to major general of the US Army.


POLL SURVEY – Rapist murderer Mayor Sanchez for release. Vote for your choice and be counted. Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Mayor Sanchez POLL. Bulukin? Palayain?  Mga kaDDS, ano po ang say ninyo tungkol sa pagpapalaya sa MANGGAGAHASANG MAMAMATAY taong si Sanchez na nahulihan pa ng MARIJUANA at SHABU habang nakakulong? Attendance po tayo. Nasaan kayo? Taga saan kayo?

sanchez nosanchez bato 2nd chance



Mining and logging industries AT PEACE with Gina Lopez DEMISE

The death of environment warrior Gina Lopez has elicited praise and admiration for her passion in her fight to protect Mother Nature. Even Congressional personalities, both Senators and Representatives, sing to the high heavens about her stint as Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary, when she held big business by the balls, enforcing laws, policies, rules and regulations that would have meant the closure of erring, and there were many, mining and logging companies. Few , if any, among the lawmakers mentioned how the Commission of Appointments, which they manned dealt the death blow to her short, but spectacular, stint in public office.

If she had not been infirm, she could have run for senator in the recently concluded midterm elections and may have won and taken her seat in the Senate as a nationally elected official whose stay in office would not be subject to the whims of an appointing power or the Commission on Appointments. Then 2022 could have propelled  her to higher office or the next President could appoint her back the the DENR (again to face the Commission of Appointments).

Alas, fate had to intervene to snuff the life of a dedicated and effective former Secretary when there are hundreds of corrupt officials who should have departed the world in her place.

So it is business as usual for the companies that denude our forests, flatten our mountains and poison our air and water. The drive for corporate profit continues at the expense of our future but there would no longer be a Gina Lopez to speak for us so we might as well get used to the idea that we have to fend off for ourselves.


DILAWANG Joy blasts Bistek, DDS counterattack

qc 2016 bistek joy yellows

Pinangalanan ni Quezon City Mayor Joy si dating Mayor Bistek na dati niyang kaalyado na sumuporta daw sa kalaban sa nakalipas na halalan. Sa kathang isp ni Mayora, sinasabotahe daw siya ng mga loyalista kay Herbert na nananatiling nasa City Hall.

  • Virgie Piocos hehehehe itsura palng ng gusto nyong maging mayor ng QC malamya n ano p b ang aasahan nyong kilos di mabagal din
  • Revilo Ellav de p*** yan ..kung sinuwerte ang lungsod ng maynila at may yorme kois sila …na alam kung anu ang gagawin sa lungsod …. ang kyusi naman ..mukhang minalas ..matapos ang terminong ng walang silbi ..parang ganun din ang pumalit ..kyusi.gising hoy !!
  • Ernesto Cadiz Ganyan ang ugali ng mga dilawan instead na ayusin at ilagay sa tamang lugar ang mga pasaway ay kinukonsinti nila pr makuha ulit nila ang boto ng mga pasaway na yan….kaya laging magulo ang bayan dahil sa puro pumumulitika ang inaatupag.
  • Top Fan
    Ephraim Pasion QC????tulog un mayor namin..hwg kyo maingay dyan..
  • Rachelle Mae Hanggang ngayon madumi padin qc. Mas nakakatakot na xa kesa sa manila!! Kayang mangampanya sa laki nang qc. Pero di magawa nang maayos ang trabaho pag asa pwesto na.tsk!
  • Aramaj Oravla Kung pde lng hatiin nlng sa dalawa ang qc. Para nmn my kwenta kung sakali ung isang magiging mayor. Wla na eh wla ng ititinu ang qc sa mga kuko ng belmonte.
  • Gem Z Santillan Tandaan sa election yan!! Kapartido OCHO DERECHO KAYA FLUSH SA ENEDORO JOY BELMONTE
  • Arturo Talili Simula pa noon layunin na ng liberal na sirain ang bansa para magdusa ito habang buhay. Protectahan nila ang kasamaan at magkunwari na kakampi sa kabutihan. Ubud ng kasinungalingan ang mga yan
  • Arnold Sangalang Alaga po nila ang mga squatters dyan sa QC dyan po sila kumukuha NG boto pano po nila paaalisin Yan eh alaga po nila Yan sayang ang boto NG mga epal Nayan
  • Yanyan Salinog kawawang QC napugaran ng mga inutil na politico
  • Brian See Hindi pa naka kota kaya bumabawi pa sila sa ginastos nila noong election.
  • Al Aris Huwag na iboto sa sunod na election kasalanan ng mga naghalal iyan ngayon ngaw ngaw ng ngaw eh sinu maykasalanan kumuha lang ng maso pok pok sa ulo tiis kayo gusto niyo na walang pagbabago eh , Pero hindi rin magtagal mga ganun dahil karma din iyan kasama mga humalal sa kanila dahil hindi pabayaan ng Du30 administration na mag hariharian mga salot na mga ganiyan mamalasin iyan.
  • Susie Edgar Padilla nakaw muna pra mabawi ang ginatos nya noong nakaraan kapal ng mukha ang ama nya wla nman nagawa nakaw lang alam sa Q CITY
  • Moses Cagampang Sumaoy She’s only famous to LGBTQ
  • Josh Razon Incompetent ang naging mayor ng QC, di ko nga binoto yang si babalina dahil alam ko nung vice pa lang sya na walang binatbat yan
  • Shirley Escabarte Romano Tagal ng yellowgarbage…kaya ung garbage sa vicinity nila sang damakmak kuda lng kuda si mayora. Magtrabaho ka nman!
  • Cezar Arcega Makakarelate mga tiga QC dito
    mga trapo mga nging mayor nyo QC ang alam lng gawin mglagay ng initials s mga poste at signage ung matanda SB ung bansot HB abangan nyo QC JB inuukit n 😀😁😄
  • Carlo Lagazo Kung Hindi nyo sinuportahan yan edi sana di nanalo yang dilawan na mahaba Ang baba na yan!
  • Danny Argawanon sangayon ang laki ng inagbago ng ating bayan mula c presedinte duterte ang umopo gumanda ang pinas at nasogpo ang iligal drug mahuy ka presedint
  • Isko Cabian Pu****ina nyo dapat maubos na kayong mawala na mga TaengDilaw Syndicate sa politiko mga salot traydor terorista kahirapan Lang ang makakamtam ng Pilipino sa mga Putangina mga ito
  • Shi Estrada Tayco Mga tao ng QC anu pasalpak pa kau ng pera para bumuto sa bulok na mayor nyu puro paganda ng sarili lang ang alam puro basura naman ang bayan…
  • Danny Argawanon Kong para sakin dapat mag sipag at gawin ang ikakabuti sa ating bayan at lugar na malinis dito po Quezon city patuloy ang pag lilinis sa mga kalye na may mga naka habalang iligal parking padat talaga matangal na paking. taga Quezon city din kc ako.
  • Ryan Rogs B Ramos Wala na Yan, Laos po. Dati sila Ang president, puro kasiraan NG future sa kabataan naging adect Ang mga Bata. And pray Tayo sa ika but I NG atin bansa at future ng mamayan. God bless Philippines..
  • Marc Barlisan Santos Di ba kasamahan nyo yan last election mga HP
    Bakit kasi nag adopt pa kayo ng tulad nyan
  • Ramon Valencia Alam na kung ano ang dapat gawin sa susunod na election…
  • Jovie Guban Hatiin nlang QC pra hindi mhirapan at ang novaliches ay ihiwalay na pra magkaroon nrin ng sariling mayor..
  • Rhaff Rhod Malinao Tinitira ng hugpong ngaun, pero inindorso ninyo nung eleksyon..
  • Rique Flo Relax lang mga taga qc mayor nga natin RELAX NA RELAX lng kaya ganun din dapat tayo🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🙄🤪😂🤪😂😂😂
  • Rebecca Balgos Wow si mayora joy gsnda ng ngiti..
  • Dannie Gabriel Dilawan yan kay girl sisi pareho ni pnot boy sisi
  • Lola Pam one term only for sure
  • Freddie Morandez lugar nga nya di nya maayos ayos daming basura sa gabi daming nakapark sa gabi pano nya malilinis tamad mag ikot amputsa
  • Carlo Lagazo Sinuportahan nyo kasi yan kaya nanalo. Ikinampanya pa ng tatay mo!
  • Kikay Azarraga bakit ganon mayora ng QC dami nang umaangal sa trabaho mo hindi ka pa matinag
  • Joel Anoran Ang QC.ang may punakamataas n tax.dahil minsan narin ako naging taxpyer ng QC.wala naman nakkitang project..
  • Roger So Tiu Corruption doon magaling c Belmonte
  • Noel Joey Musni Basta dilawan ” palpakski, parang ung taga pasig!, puro SISI , tatak dilaw”,!!
  • Eugenio Arreglo Deretso automatic sa iniduro pa rin.Hahaha 🐺
  • Jose Hila Calibod Crisologo nman kc binoto nmin d2 sa kyusi
  • Zenky Zenky wla nmn tlg kwenta meyor dito ssmen lge lng yan nsa aircon election lng yng lumilitaw…puro lng yng pasarap sa gobyero…
  • Odnalor Betito Mga polpol yan walang wala sila sa manila ni Mayor Esko
  • Arnel Bautista tabingi na mukha..kksuyop..
  • Ferdz Amada dilawan pala si mayora.!
  • Miko Palabasan Laging tulog si mayora beauty rest daw sia
  • Juday C. Valdez yellow is always yellow nagpapalit lng ng balat pansamantala pero babalik ulit sa dating kulay
  • Agustin Cordoba Huwag iboto sa susunod na eleksyun.
  • Nerfe Acuraad Mag isa kayo mga dilawan
  • Regor Sabado Mga TAEng kulay DILAW….😂😂😂😂😂
  • Peter Fred Lee sa totoo lang poor in governance at poor in performance mga dilawan.
    Dindo Ballano Ngaun nag sisi kayo.. Eh kung ung binoto nyo si bing bong di maganda sana..