Social media, specifically Facebook, could be the crucial platform and news distribution system that will determine the next Philippine President in 2016. Traditionally, the incumbent President has the upper hand in choosing an anointed one. It worked once in 1992 when outgoing President Cory Aquino endorsed her Defense Secretary Fidel Ramos in a controversial move that split the administration party. In 1998, President Ramos supported close ally Speaker of the House Jose De Venecia Jr. but the movie star Joseph Estrada won. In 2010, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo raised the hand of her Secretary of Defense Gilbert Teodoro in a move considered to be a “kiss of death” and true enough Teodoro fared miserably (landing at fourth place) compared to the winner, current President Benigno Aquino lll. Today, as the popularity and satisfaction ratings of Noynoy Aquino continue to fall due to among others, the Mamasapano incident, the slow Typhoon Yolanda rehabilitation, the Supreme Court losses regarding the PDAF and DAP pork barrel funds (both declared unconstitutional) and a general belief in his incompetence, presumptive Liberal Party nominee DILG Secretary Mar Roxas may not necessarily gain votes by being associated with and endorsed by P-Noy. On the other hand, the ties that bind the two (Roxas gave way

Mar Roxas maaring sa pagka Bise Presidente nalang tumakbo, o hindi na tumakbo bilang Presidente o Bise Presidente o tumakbo bilang President at kakalabanin ang kaalyadong si Grace Poe at ang nangungunang si Jojo Binay

Mar Roxas maaring sa pagka Bise Presidente nalang tumakbo, o hindi na tumakbo bilang Presidente o Bise Presidente o tumakbo bilang President at kakalabanin ang kaalyadong si Grace Poe at ang nangungunang si Jojo Binay

to Aquino to run for president and slid down to run as vice-president but lost) are “strong” so Roxas may be stuck with an endorsement from a lame duck president.

The next factor that determines outcomes in political exercises is the traditional mass media. However, due to the introduction and general acceptance of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other hand-held devices, fewer and fewer Filipinos are buying or reading newspapers thus negating possible advantages for candidates with money to burn. Online news is the default position mainly because it is free. There is little experience, however, on the use of the Internet in the determination of winners in national and local elections.

Now, here comes social media, which is credited for the fall of authoritarian regimes in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. Facebook and Tweeter were also instrumental in mobilizing hundreds of thousands of protesters for the anti-pork barrel rallies in the Philippines is 2013. In 2014, social media contributed largely to the Occupy Central (Hong Kong) protest movement. In other words, social media, primarily Facebook, now has a successful history of political mobilizations with spectacular results.

The candidates for national office (President, Vice President and Senators) would best be advised to have a sound social media strategy lest they be swept away by the fury unleashed by blogs, twits and Facebook posts.

Economy expands by 5.2% in Q1, falls below target

Economy expands by 5.2% in Q1, falls below target

Skyline of Makati City showing skyscrapers rising from its central business district.

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine economy grew by 5.2 percent for the first quarter of this year, the Philippine Statistics Authority said on Thursday.

The expansion slowed down from 6.6-percent rate in the last quarter of 2014.

The government is targeting a 7 to 8-percent gross domestic product (GDP) growth for 2015, higher than the 6.5 to 7.5-percent target set for 2014

The first quarter figure was primarily driven by the services sector which accelerated by 5.6 percent as transport, storage and communication, real estate, trade, manufacturing and other services all saw positive growth.

The industry sector expanded by 5.5 percent, slightly lower compared to the the 5.4-percent growth in the first quarter of 2014.

The agriculture sector, meanwhile, posted 1.6-percent progress, leaping from the 0.6-percent rate in the same period last year.

The gross national income, meanwhile, grew by 4.7 percent, but still lower than the 6.6 percent of the same period last year.

Per capita growth similarly slowed down to 3.4 percent from 3.8 percent in Q1 last year.

The Philippines remains the top performer in the ASEAN bloc.




Early on in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, LeBron James got loose for a breakway dunk that doesn’t look all that spectacular at full speed. You might see it and think “eh, still just two points.”

But look at it in slow motion:

This is basically an oil painting. And I defy you to watch it less than 30 times in a row.

Grace Poe Cool To Mar Roxas VP Offer, Eyes Presidency with Chiz Escudero as Her Vice Presidential Running Mate

Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. CDN PHOTO/LITO TECSON

Roxas will be LP’s bet—Drilon

Roxas a ‘very misunderstood guy’ – Belmonte
IT now becomes clear for Senator Grace Poe that  Interior  Secretary Mar Roxas is gunning for the presidency after the latter asked her to team up with him.

“Si Secretary Mar Roxas mas malinaw sa akin ngayon ang kanyang pakay. Paminsan-minsan, pag nagkikita kami nababanggit nya mas magandang magkasama kami,” Poe told reporters on Wednesday when asked  if  Roxas has offered her to be his  vice president in 2016.

(Secretary Mar Roxas’ intention became more clear to me now. Sometimes, when we see each other, he mentioned that it would be better if we will join forces.)

“Pero ang sinabi ko nga, hindi naman sa pagkakaibigan lamang kelangan meron din kayong parehong  pananaw sa mga bagay-bagay at kompyansa sa isa’t isa bago magkaroon ng desisyon sa mga ganyan,” she said.

(But as I said, it’s not only the friendship. You should also share the same views and you should also have confidence in each other before you make a decision.)

But while they shared the same views on certain issues such as  to continue the fight against corruption, Poe pointed out that she also has other opinion on other matters.

The senator said the last time she and Roxas talked about the 2016 polls was when they accidentally met in a restaurant last week.

In that meeting,  she said, Roxas intimated that he wanted her to be his running mate.

She said Roxas made no formal offer but expressed his desire to join forces with her.

“Sa tingin ko higit naman sa paramdam yun,” Poe said. “I think malinaw naman. Handa na nga sya . Handa na sya.”

Asked to clarify if  what she meant was that Roxas was ready to run for president,  the  senator said, “Sa tingin ko handa na naman syang tumakbo, di ba sinabi na naman nya yun?”

But when told that Roxas simply stated that he was ready to continue the administration’s right path,  Poe said, “Ah ganun ba? Baka na-misinterpret   ko lang. Sorry, sorry.”

Despite his high ranking in the surveys, Poe remained  undecided whether or not  to run for a higher post next year.

“Unang-una pinagdadasal pa kung talagang kailangang tumakbo sa mas mataas na position. Pangalawa hindi naman ako plastic na magsasabi kung sinong gustong sumama sa layuning makatulong sa mas nakakarami nating mga kababayan,”  she said.

The senator said that while she continued to have high regards for President Benigno Aquino III, she would  remain  independent.

Poe first ran and won as senator in  2013 under Aquino’s  senatorial  ticket.

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