Mar Roxas now seeing his candidacy JUNKED by P-Noy allies. With the start of the official campaign period underway, former Senator (Cory Administration) and former Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary (P-Noy administration) Alberto Romulo attended the opening salvo rally of the Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Romulo’s son is an official candidate of the Team Grace Poe ticket but the father still made his presence felt in the Digong camp in an effort to solicit a “Second Endorsement” from the Duterte Cayetano tandem. Significantly, Romulo does not attend Mar Roxas and Liberal Party campaign sorties.

A few weeks before the February 2016 Comelec campaign period, the Nograles clan, bitter Davao opponents of Mayor Duterte bolted from the Aquino Administration Coalition to cast their support for their blood relative Digong. Their official statement stated that their bloc consists of at least 50 members of the Lower House (House of Representatives) with at least 20 of them being members of the Liberal Party. This decision can be construed as a move along regional lines as Mayor Duterte is the mayor of Davao City in Mindanao.

On the local front, Secretary Mar Roxas may have his hands full even in his own home turf as Congressman Albie Benitez, Chair of the Liberal Party in Negros Occidental, already publicly declared his support for Senator Poe. Needless to say, the poor survey results of Secretary Mar prompted many in the Aquino Administration Coalition to jump ship on the basis of the lack of winnability in candidate Roxas. Roxas ran and lost in 2010 for the Vice Presidential seat while his party mate Benigno Aquino won the Presidency. Mar Roxas was stabbed in the back by Aquino backers when they campaigned for a NoyBi (for Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay, who won as Vice President) ticket. Those same Aquino allies are again plotting to sabotage the Roxas campaign with prominent personalities siding with either  Vice President Binay or Senator Poe or Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President in 2016.

The Aquino Administration was recently hounded by the Lagalag Bala international airport controversy with DILG Secretary geting some collateral flak as he was formerly Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications. It did not help that Roxas issued strong statements against passengers carrying weapons and bullets (some as amulets) while totally being SILENT on the EXTORTION aspect of the problem. It is the general perception that the epidemic of “discoveries” is due to airport security personnel trying to make a fast buck by planting bullets on the luggage of hapless victims who would be prodded to give grease money in an effort to avoid missing their scheduled flights.


Samar Group Plotting to Stab Mar Roxas in the Back AGAIN.

FVR supports Duterte and Robredo

Mar Roxas NILAGLAG na ng P-Noy Allies bala kayo


Mar KULELAT nanaman sa Magdalo Survey

Poe, Duterte and Binay too close to call in latest Magdalo survey

Poe regained the top spot for the presidential survey with 29.9 percent followed by her close contender, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who garnered 26.6 percent.

Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay claimed the third spot with 25.5 percent while Liberal Party standard bearer and former Department of the Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II remained at the fourth place with 14 percent.

The Magdalo party-list surveyed almost 3,000 respondents from across the various regions of the country from February 3 to 5.

Magdalo party-list Rep. Francisco Ashley Acedillo said their group randomly selected respondents and provided the list of candidates running for president and vice president just like the previous election surveys.

The respondents were asked “If elections would be held today, who among the following candidates would you vote for?'”

Acedillo said the surveys from the previous months showed that Poe’s ratings declined due to the confusion caused by the disqualification cases against her but due to the developments regarding her case she has regained the top spot in the survey.

The Magdalo group said the survey has margin of error of 1.8 percent.

Last December, it was Duterte

2016 top 1234

2016 Presidential survey front-runner Senator Grace Poe with Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in second place. Vice President Jejomar Binay occupies the number three slot while former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas is in fourth.

who ranked highest in the Magdalo survey.

FVR supports Duterte and Robredo

FVR throws support behind Leni, but is mum on Mar

Cala Gomez, DJ Yap
Philippine Daily Inquirer

February 9, 2016A DAY before the official launch of the campaign period, Liberal Party (LP) vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo has won the support of a prominent and powerful personality, former President Fidel V. Ramos, according to her staff.

In a news release Monday, the Robredo camp announced that Ramos had officially endorsed the candidacy of Robredo following a visit to Ramos’ office in Makati.

The candidate’s publicist provided photos of the visit Monday morning, including one showing the former President raising Robredo’s arm.

There was, however, no word on whether the 87-year-old Ramos would do the same for Robredo’s running mate, LP standard-bearer Mar Roxas.

In December, Ramos reproached Roxas and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for their public spat, advising the presidential candidates to start acting like a president, if they wanted to get the job.

Her staff said the widow of Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo asked Ramos for advice on running her campaign.

“In the meeting, Ramos shared his campaign experience in 1992 and offered Robredo some advice on how to woo voters as she visits different parts of the country starting tomorrow (Tuesday),” according to the news release.

According to her staff, Robredo told Ramos: “I came here to ask for your support.”

The former President was quoted as having replied: “You’ve always had it. You didn’t even have to come.”

Meanwhile, Robredo was the keynote speaker at the opening of Zonta International District 17 Area 3 meeting at Sugarland Hotel in Bacolod City on Friday.

She said a nation that is ruled in justice and fairness is business-friendly.

“Investment in integrity and good governance makes huge business sense,” she said, adding that good governance is accompanied by jobs, growth and less poverty.

“We might have attracted some attention in the last four years, and became the new darling of emerging markets, but unless we sustain our reforms on the governance plane, that attention will once again fizzle out and we will go back to square one,” Robredo said.

“This campaign for good governance and this kind of public service that aims not to leave any Filipino behind have become my work as I try to fill my husband’s shoes,” she said, as she stressed the need to empower people.

Since she became a representative of Camarines Sur, Robredo said she had brought in billions in funding for infrastructure and social services to her district using innovative means to source money within the bureaucracy and from private-public partnerships.

#VotePH2016: The Inquirer multimedia coverage of the 2016 national and local elections in the Philippines provides to voters the latest news, photos, videos and infographics on the candidates and their platforms, as well as real-time election results come May 9, 2016.

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Samar Group Plotting to Stab Mar Roxas in the Back AGAIN.


du30 fvr

Mar Roxas NILAGLAG na ng P-Noy Allies

P-Noy Allies NILALAGLAG na si Mar Roxasdu30 romulo


Aquino Administration former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Alberto Romulo graced the official campaign kick-off political rally of Presidential candidate Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Vice Presidential aspirant Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. This is the “first sighting” of a P-Noy former or current cabinet member PUBLICLY seen showing support to an opposing ticket. President Aquino and the Liberal Party have officially endorsed former Senator and former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas for President and Representative Leni Robredo for Vice-President. Roxas and Robredo have both lagged in their respective presidential and vice-presidential surveys. The rumor mill has it that President Aquino may DUMP either or both of the Liberal Party standard bearers.

There is a huge stake for President Aquino with respect to INEVITABLE criminal charges being filed against him once he steps down from office on June 30, 2016. A possible BRIBERY CASE in relation to the Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona impeachment proceedings plus the UNCONSTITUTIONAL DAP and PDAF pork barrel funds scam are just a few of the controversies that could land P-Noy in JAIL. It is to his OBVIOUS ADVANTAGE if Mar Roxas wins the Presidency although that development looks OVERLY OPTIMISTIC at this stage of the campaign.  Aquino is “close” to current presidential survey front runner Senator Grace Poe (although she spurned his offer for her to run as the Vice Presidential candidate of Mar Roxas) but at least she states that she would continue the current administration’s Tuwid Na Daan (Straight Path).

Aquino is currently at odds with Vice President Jejomar Binay, also running for President, and the VP has openly stated that he would use the full force of the law against President Aquino if he (Binay) wins the Presidency. Binay has his own legal problems related to graft and corruption charges so that if he wins the Presidency he would be immune from criminal and civil law suits while in office at the same time that a LOSS in May 2016 would most PROBABLY see him in JAIL for PLUNDER cases.

Mayor Duterte is the UNKNOWN FACTOR since he is hard on criminality, drugs and graft and corruption but basically silent on whether he would hound Noynoy Aquino if he (Duterte) wins the Presidency. The sighting of former Senator and former DFA Secretary Romulo can thus be interpreted as a personal show of support to Duterte at the same time that he (Romulo) could be used as a P-Noy conduit to Duterte if the Davao Mayor is elected President and President Aquino steps down on June 30, 2016 and faces a DELUGE of COURT CASES on the next working day (July 1, 2016) when CRIMINAL CHARGES would be filed as promised by the militant Left. At the very least, the Romulo visit could be the start of JUNKING SEASON (junking Mar, that is) since Mar has always trailed badly in the surveys and practical politicians do not want to be associated with LOSERS so they seek an audience with the other Presidential contenders (Poe, Binay and Duterte).

Miriam and Bong Bong start campaign from Ilocos

Ron Gagalac, ABS-CBN News


The two officially launched on Tuesday their national campaign in Batac, Ilocos Norte, the stronghold of the Marcos family.

Santiago said that if their tandem wins the elections and something happens to her, the Philippines will be in good hands with Marcos as president.

miriam bongbong slap“If I die before I finish my six-year term, Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will be able to fit that bill,” she said.

Santiago said Marcos’ youth and idealism are what the country needs right now.

“We need somebody young and idealistic to take over,” she said.

Marcos thanked Santiago, saying he has learned a lot from the lady senator. The two have been seatmates at the Senate session hall for the last five years.

“Kami ni Senator Miriam, lagi kaming magkatabi. Desk mate, kung sa eskwelahan. Sa kanya ako kumokopya,” Marcos said in jest. “But one basic fundamental principle that we agreed upon is that of meritocracy and recognition for excellence.”

Today marked the very first time that Marcos and Santiago were together in a campaign sortie since declaring their respective bids last year.

They flew together from Manila and arrived in Laoag International Airport at around 8:30 a.m.

From the airport, Sen. Marcos went around Laoag City for a motorcade before proceeding to Batac City where they attended a Mass at Immaculate Conception Parish, as a start to the 90-day campaign period.

Together with Marcos Jr. was his wife Liza, his mother, Ilocos Norte Congresswoman Imelda Marcos, and sister Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos.

Their proclamation rally was held at the plaza of Batac City shortly before noon Tuesday.

In her speech, Santiago said she has always admired the Ilocanos.

Ilocos Norte is part of what is called the “Solid North” that can deliver up to 5 million votes.

Santiago also said if she is elected president, all those who stole from government coffers will be put in a brand new jail.

“Mamili sila. May ordinaryo, may business class, may first class, pero kulong silang lahat,” she said to the cheers of thousands of their supporters.


Last week, victims of martial law launched a movement to stop Marcos Jr. from winning the vice presidential race.

The initiative is called CARMMA or Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacañang.

Left-leaning groups such as SELDA, Desaparecidos, Bayan, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), and other victims of human rights abuses said they are opposed to the younger Marcos as vice president because “he is not guiltless as he presents [himself] to be.”

“Hindi namin hahayaan na manumbalik ang mga Marcos sa Malacañang through a presidential bid. Pag nanalo yan bilang VP, isang hakbang na lang ay presidente na,” SELDA Chairperson Marie Hilao-Enriquez said.

The groups believe Marcos and his family have a bottomless war chest that he can use to win the vice presidency.

“There is also the reality that the plundered wealth of the father has been passed on to his children,” SELDA Vice Chairperson Bonifacio Ilagan explained.

Marcos’ refusal to apologize for the abuses and human rights violations during the martial law makes him even more frightening than his father, the groups said.

They also claim the senator was part of his father’s crony capitalism in 1985, when at 26 years old, he was appointed chairman of the board of Philippine Communications Satellite Corporation (Philcomsat) receiving a monthly salary of up to $97,000.

The groups said they will hound Marcos wherever his campaign sorties will be and flood social media with anti-Marcos propaganda.

A nationwide event for CARMMA is slated on February 22 as the grand launch of the campaign. — with reports from Dennis Datu, DZMM; Anthony Taberna, ABS-CBN News