Liberal Party Top Town Mayor involved in Napoles PHP 5 Billion Pork barrel Fund Scam

Liberal Party

Liberal Party Top Town Mayor (head of the League of Town Mayors of the Philippines) involved in Napoles PHP 5 Billion Pork barrel Fund Scam. Untiunting lumalabas ang pagkasangkot ng mga mambabatas sa hanay ng Administration party (Liberal Party) sa mga pakana ni Janet Lim Napoles. Nakakahalata na rin ang mga mamamayan na kapag sa hanay ng Administrasyon nanggaling ang mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan, matamlay ang kilos ng Department of Justice, Ombudsman at Sandiganbayan. In other words, mga mamababatas lang na kasama sa OPOSISYON ang masugid na iniimbistigahan, kinakasuhan at ikinukulong. Selective Justice is INJUSTICE. Lahat ng sangkot, DAPat managot.

Selective Justice: PHP 5 Billion NABCOR Fund Scam gathering dust *** Cases against Administration legislators ignored

Selective Justice: PHP 5 Billion NABCOR Fund Scam gathering dust *** Cases against Administration legislators ignored *** While PLUNDER charges were rushed against 3 opposition senators (Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla), the Department of Justice is dragging its feet on the PHP 5 Billion NABCOR Fund Scam involving cash for the 2007 midterm elections. At least 10 congressmen and congresswomen, then affiliated with the corrupt administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (but have now jumped over to the Liberal Party after Noynoy Aquino assumed the presidency in 2010)  are alleged to have received MILLIONS of pesos for campaign money. The story has come back to life after President Aquino appointed Liberal Party member Janette Garin (former congresswomen of the first district of Iloilo) as Acting Secretary of the Department of Health when corruption charges were exposed in the health department vaccination program.  Health Secretary Ona is still on forced leave and may not return to the DOH. Garin was mentioned by President Aquino as the next DOH Secretary during the 2013 midterm elections campaign period. senators six

On the matter of the PHP 10 BILLION Napoles PDAF and DAP Pork Barrel Fund Scam, the Department of Justice is equally negligent in pursuing the second batch of senators implicated by the Napoles whistle blowers (led by Ben Hur Luy). Senators Bong Bong Marcos, Loren Legarda, Tito Sotto and Gringo Honasan have been pinpointed but have largely eluded public scrutiny and accountability because the investigation and prosecution arms of the government are sleeping on the job when Administration legislators are involved while quick on the draw regarding opposition stalwarts.

“Bongets” Bong Bong Marcos, “Dahon” Loren Legarda and “Bigote” Tito Sotto are next in line in the Janet Lim Napoles – Ben Hur Luy code book. Move over Jailbirds “Tanda” JPE, “Sexy” Jinggoy and “Pogi” Bong.

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“Bongets” Bong Bong Marcos, “Dahon” Loren Legarda and “Bigote” Tito Sotto are next in line in the Janet Lim Napoles – Ben Hur Luy code book of the senators implicated in the PHP 10 Billion Pork Barrel Fund Scam. Move over Jailbirds “Tanda” JPE, “Sexy” Jinggoy and “Pogi” Bong. Is it going to be all for one, one for all with these three identified thieves or will the Aquino Administration protect Marcos whose wife is a law partner of Executive Secretary Ochoa while Legarda is an Administration senator leaving Sotto as the sole senator to be charged with PLUNDER in the long delayed second batch of senators? Senator Gringo Honasan, while also involved with Napoles NGOs put most of his PDAF with the corrupt PhilForest (probably with a smaller commission percentage because Napoles is reputed to be the highest paying pork barrel facilitator).

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2013 Philippine Beauty Queens

2013 beauty titles   For the year 2013 Philippine pageantry produced 3 crowns and 3 runners – up namely:

megan young: miss world ( winner )
bea rose santiago: miss international ( winner )
mutya datul: miss supranational ( winner )
ariella arida: miss universe ( 3rd runner up )
koreen medina: miss intercontinental ( 3rd runner up)
annalie forbes: miss grand international ( 3rd runner up)

Liberal Party Choice for Health Secretary involved in PHP 5 Billion NABCOR Fund Scam

DOH Acting Secretary Garin under investigation for GRAFT and CORRUPTION The case is about the PHP 5 BILLION National Agribusiness Corporation (NABCOR) fund scam that was distributed to former lawmakers (Janette Garin is a former congresswoman, representing the 1st district of IloiloDOH usec janette garin). Garin was pinpointed by former NABCOR officials as having personally received PHP 1 million during the 2007 elections. Garin is a member of the administration Liberal Party and comes from the powerful Tupas and Garin clans of Iloilo. Many believe that her appointment to the Department of Health was a result of horse-trading and political payback. This recent revelation casts doubt on the ability of the Department of Health to correct its corrupt ways as the current Secretary (Dr. Enrique Ona, now on official leave) is under investigation for the anomalous purchase of pneumonia vaccines. Dr. Garin comes from the private sector in terms of profession but served three terms in the Philippine House of Representatives (recently wracked by allegations of wrongdoing involving billions of pesos of public funds).