Sereno IMPEACHMENT case: Puro TROLLS mga nagcocomment sa BIASED MAINSTREAM MEDIA

  • LP trolls
    Sample comments in the Philippine Daily Inquirer online edition. The article is about House Speaker Alvarez advising Supreme Court Chief Justice Sereno to defend herself in the House Justice Committee IMPEACHMENT hearings rather than through mass media. Take note that most comments are made by accounts with FAKE NAMES and/or DUBIOUS bio pics. This PREDOMINANCE of YELLOW TROLLS established the general belief that the Philippine Daily Inquirer, among others, favored 2016 Presidential candidate Mar Roxas and DISCRIMINATED AGAINST then Davao City Mayor Duterte. The PERCEIVED BIAS continues to this day as Duterte supporters complain that MAINSTREAM MEDIA is UNFAIR and mostly HOSTILE to President Duterte in the manner of coverage, opinions and treatment of stories.

    Removing the president and the Chief Justice is through impeachment! How about the legislator’s? It is quite difficult to remove them as they are bonded together


    Kase mas matatalino yun kesa sa kanila. They will not be able to put up against them. Covered ng nationwide tv broadcast, e di mapapahiya sila.


    Only a masochist will want to march into a kangaroo court full of Duterte buffoons and fair weather trapos.

    This impeachment case was based on hearsays and allegations that changes scripts on daily basis. These dotards wont do this sinakulo without the blessing of the criminal in Malakanyang.

    CJ Sereno, nothing in the law compels you to do what Alvarez wants you to do. Besides, highly likely they have already made their decision even before you can utter any words before them. They are the Lower House, indeed.


    The Inquisition AKA House Committee.



    Hi Croc! =)


    Why should the CJ attend this kangaroo court whose intention is shaming her. Send the complaint to the senate and let the filipino see that those members of congress who voted to impeach her have no basis at all. Or are they afraid to pass it to the senate thats why they are prolonging it.


    They have 3 equal branches in the government,but they don”t respect each other,,,that”s Philippine politics !…

    Absolutely witchhuntinhmg. This country is going to Duterte dogs ang kapppppalllll


    Dapat ipasa na yan sa Senate na syang Impeachment Court. Ano ba yan namumulitka man yang mga Tongressman dyan!


    God must have been hate the Philippines so much. Thats why we have so many evil people in the higher places.


    ganon naman pala speaker piatco, bakit mo pinalayas ang mga abugado ni sereno?


    Agree. Mas lalong mabubuking na wala silang ebidensya.


    All of them are prosecutors, judges and executioners roĺled into one


    Oo nga naman, madam. Why don’t you attend and defend. The truth shall set you free. Unless, of course, the truth hurts. Hehehehehehe…


    Alvarez has been throwing punches against duterte’s critics most of the time mimicking his boss’ penchant to spew invectives as if it is his privilege to do such. He likes to file a bill that is viewed as self serving as he will be the number 1 beneficiary to it. He feels he is bigger than himself. With de lima’s marital status he attacked her personal life as if he’s spotlessly clean. He si too quick to judge forgetring about John 8:7 ” Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her”


    Gusto ng haring tuta ni Katay Digong na si Alvarez na
    maglublob sa kanyang babuyan.

    This NARCO DUTERTE presidency is such a BIG JOKE.
    PURO na lang KATARANTADUHAN ang pinaggagawa.

    WALA nang accomplishment kungdi patahimikan mga TUTOL


    Once again he opens his mouth and once again the public gets nauseated.


    And he’s the “Speaker” of the House. I guess well just have to endure nausea until the voters of the 1st District of Davao del Norte smartens up and elect a better representative.


    The “OUSTER CLAN”of the speaker and gaydon et al are shouting to high heavens that the CJ resign her position or face impeachment.
    The CJ wanted to face the impeachment head on causing the clan indescribable nightmares…
    To the ouster clan,money does not only TALK ,it SHOUTS!!!!!!!!


    Yes, attend the hearings so that the people may find out about your sex life


    ALVAREZ, yong mga AaSO mo kongresso ay mga tulad mo rin mga WALANG UTAK. TANG-INAa mo alvarez, may karma ka rin!!!


    ganyan din nung panahon nila pan0t.abad,drilon,conching at sereno…..nakarma lang sila….


    What’s the use of defending herself in congress? She was already pre-judged as guilty by the Justice committee headed by Umali!


    Nobody can tell Sereno to attend the hearing conducted by the clowns of Congress. For what? To be ridiculed and expose herself to questioning by the pretenders and emb_c_les in the House. Nobody will win against all odds, against the cabal of darkness. Feeling your power now, time will come that you can be likened to the fleas in a dog’s skin..feeding from the dog’s blood..and .once the dog dies, one by one you will fall off decimated and powerless scampering to look for another dog to suck!!


    If they have any shame at all, people don’t listen to their arguments anymore, lost their sense of righteousness. I would listen to the Chief Justice all day, in fact I always rewind the video, watch and listen to her talks over and over again. I dont pay attention to these jackals whose agenda is not for the people, but for their selfish ends.


    Game of Thrones paren pati sa isyu ng “impeachment”. Dapat ipakita ni CJ Sereno si Justice De Castro ang kalaban niya hindi si Duterte. Yung aktwal nasa field ang kalaban huag bumira sa malayo. Kahit si Kalisi Mother of Dragon hindi niya kalaban si Dwarf Richard…just saying….


    Alvarez is still waiting for that one and only unique SABA to pin down the CJ. Last time I saw him, the supot guy is lying under a banana tree.


    what is there to defend? the accusation is not impeachable


    Alavez is a buffoon!


    Please don’t insult buffoon they are better than alvarez…



    He’s an idi0t.



    That’s actually an insult to idi0ts. The guy is just plain evil.




    Mute the free press? In your wildest dream.


    “Alvarez said Sereno should show up at the House hearings and defend herself in the proper forum.”

    The House of dogs as the proper forum?


Sino kaya ang TINATAKOT ni Kris? Mahilig talaga pumapel ang BRAT na anak ni Cory at kapatid ng dating Pangulo. Malagay lang sa pahayagan NAGTITILI at NAGBABANTA pa.

kris crying



By InterAksyon 

MANILA, Philippines — TV host-actress Kris Aquino defended her eldest sibling, Maria Elena “Ballsy” Aquino-Cruz and her husband, Eldon Cruz, after the latter was linked to an alleged P8.7-billion road right-of-way scam in General Santos City.

In an Instagram post with the words, “she’s a Queen with a little bit of savage,” Kris, the youngest of the Aquino siblings, said she would be ready to do anything for her Ate Ballsy, including putting herself in danger to protect her favorite sister, who showed her affection without any limitations.

Kris, sister of former President Benigno Aquino III, also said the allegations being hurled against Eldon were all false and baseless.

“This is a simple, CLEAR & REAL message. In our family, I love my siblings. BUT i believe it is obvious- my Ate is my FAVORITE,” Kris said.

“It’s not a secret i was disowned, but when i gave birth to Kuya Josh she was my 1 sibling who was there in the hospital. That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that i’d never be alone because she always believed i’d manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH,” she said.

“So this is me saying – HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst. I mean it when i say for my Ate i will take a bullet. Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true,” added Kris.

Earlier, Eldon and Ballsy’s son, Justin Benigno “Jiggy” Aquino Cruz, took up the cudgels for his father, saying the claims made by a Department of Justice (DOJ) witness against Eldon were “absurd and ridiculous.”

During a press briefing last Monday, DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II presented to media witness Roberto Catapang Jr., who claimed to have been a part of a syndicate whose supposed modus operandi was to submit fake titles to secure payment in exchange for landholdings that would be used for government road right of way projects.

After being prodded by Aguirre, Catapang, presented to reporters a Jan. 12, 2011 letter that Cruz purportedly signed and sent to then Department of Public Works and Highways chief Rogelio “Babes” Singson seeking the release of payment for alleged fake road right-of-way claims.

But Jiggy denied that the signature in the letter shown by Catapang was that of Eldon.

“To tag my father in this ‘scam’ is absurd and ridiculous. The letter shown today at the DOJ shows a fake signature. That’s not his signature. It is not even remotely close to it,” Jiggy said Monday.


Kris defends ‘Ate’ Ballsy, threatens ‘Aquino haters’

MANILA, Philippines — Queen of all media Kris Aquino on Tuesday took to social media to defend her eldest sister Ballsy Aquino-Cruz after being implicated in a multibillion-peso road right-of-way scam.

In a lengthy Instagram post with a photo of quote “she’s a Queen with a little bit of savage,” Kris said Ballsy is her favorite sibling.

Kris narrated how she got disowned when she was pregnant with her first child Josh, and her eldest sister was the only sibling who was there with her in the hospital when she gave birth to Josh.

“That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that I’d never be alone because she always believed I’d manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH,” Kris wrote.

Kris Aquino Statement:  This is a simple, CLEAR & REAL message. In our family, I love my siblings. BUT i believe it is obvious- my Ate is my FAVORITE. By Ate i mean our eldest, we only have 1 Ate, everyone else is first name basis only… i could go into a super long story, but this is just an example of my life’s truth- come what may, even at my worst- she still loved me. It’s not a secret i was disowned, but when i gave birth to Kuya Josh she was my 1 sibling who was there in the hospital. That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that i’d never be alone because she always believed i’d manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH. So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst. I mean it when i say for my Ate i will take a bullet. Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true… P.S. Politics aside, like this if you’re like me & you LOVE your Ate.

Kris then said she would “take a bullet” for Ballsy amid the allegations linking her eldest sister and brother-in-law, Eldon Cruz in a road right-of-way scam.

“So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst,” the actress-host said.

“I mean it when I say for my Ate I will take a bullet. Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true,” she added.

Kris noted that her Instagram post is a “simple, clear, and real” message vouching for her family.

On Monday, Ballsy and Eldon were tagged in an P8.7 billion road right-of-way scam after whistleblower Roberto Catapang Jr. showed to the media a letter supposedly signed by Eldon endorsing one of the projects secured through fake land titles.

Ballsy and Eldon’s son, Jiggy Cruz, however defended his father and said allegation that Eldon is involved in the anomaly is “absurd and ridiculous.”

He said that the letter presented by the Department of Justice at a press conference on Monday shows a fake signature.


Kris Aquino ready to unleash her fury if Ballsy Cruz gets hurt

Kris Aquino has a stern warning against those spreading lies against Ballsy Aquino-Cruz’s family in her recent Instagram post.

Ballsy, the eldest daughter of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, is in the midst of a controversy after husband Eldon Cruz was implicated in a PHP 8.7 billion right-of-way scam involving the construction of a national national highway in General Santos City.

The celebrity mom poured her heart out on social media. She shared how her Ate Ballsy was there during the most difficult time of her life.

Kris posted, “This is a simple, CLEAR & REAL message. In our family, I love my siblings. BUT i believe it is obvious- my Ate is my FAVORITE. By Ate i mean our eldest, we only have 1 Ate, everyone else is first name basis only… i could go into a super long story, but this is just an example of my life’s truth- come what may, even at my worst- she still loved me. It’s not a secret i was disowned, but when i gave birth to Kuya Josh she was my 1 sibling who was there in the hospital.”

“That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that i’d never be alone because she always believed i’d manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH.”

Kris also stressed that if her Ate Ballsy gets hurt, this will really push her to her limits.

“So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst. I mean it when i say for my Ate i will take a bullet. Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true… P.S. Politics aside, like this if you’re like me & you LOVE your Ate.”

#NoynoyAquino #KrisAquino #CoryAquino #HaciendaLuisita

De Lima NBP DRUG case – Ex-Bucor chief Bucayu, Joenel Sanchez at 2 pa pinaaaresto


MANILA, Philippines — Pinaaaresto na ng Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court Branch 206 si dating Bureau of Corrections Director Franklin Bucayu at tatlo pang kapwa akusado ni Sen. Leila de Lima. Bukod kay Bucayu, ipinaaaresto na rin si Wilfredo Elli, Joenel Sanchez na dating bodyguard ni de Lima at si Jose Adrian Dera na isa umano sa mga bagman noon ng mambabatas.

Sa kautusang inilabas ni Judge Patria Manalastas de Leon, nakitaan ng probable cause ng korte upang arestuhin sina de Lima sa kasong illegal drug trading. Walang piyansang inirekomenda para sa mga akusado. Pero dahil nakakulong na si de Lima at dating driver bodyguard na si Ronnie Dayan, itinakda na lamang ang arraignment ng dalawa sa December 8, alas 8:30 ng umaga.

Sa Bilibid naman, babasahan ng sakdal sa December 12, alas-2 ng hapon ang high profile inmate na si Jaybee Sebastian na kapwa akusado rin ni de Lima.

Paliwanag ng Korte, wala nang saysay ang pagtutol nina de Lima at Bucayu sa jurisdiction ng RTC matapos itong pagtibayin ng Korte Suprema kayat marapat lamang na ituloy na ang paglilitis sa kaso.

Aapela naman ang kampo ni de Lima sa kautusan ng Muntinlupa RTC.

Nag-ugat ang ikatlong kaso laban kay de Lima sa umano’y pagkunsinti nito sa talamak na bentahan ng droga sa Bilibid mula 2013 hanggang 2015.

Sinasabing nakatanggap si de Lima ng P70 million mula sa mga high profile inmate galing sa pinagbentahan ng iligal na droga.

#DeLima #WarOnDrugs #Duterte

De Castro: Sereno’s action on party-list TRO ‘grossly unprocedural’

Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro says she should have been consulted in the issuance of the 2013 TRO involving party lists

sereno 2016

MANILA, Philippines – Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro on Wednesday, November 29, said Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s actions in issuing a temporary restraining order (TRO) on party-list proclamations during the 2013 elections were “grossly unprocedural.”

De Castro was speaking during the House justice committee’s hearing to determine probable cause in an impeachment complaint against Sereno.

Larry Gadon, the complainant, claims Sereno “tampered with and altered” the contents of the TRO sent by De Castro, who was the member-in-charge of the case. (READ: How Sereno answered her impeachment complaint)

“The case was not raffled to her. I am the member-in-charge so I should be the one consulted,” said De Castro, upon questioning by Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas.

Her “unprecedented” appearance before the committee, thus far, has revealed the processes behind Supreme Court decisions – as De Castro promised. It has also inadvertently revealed divisions in the Supreme Court under Sereno.

De Castro was the member-in-charge for the petition filed by the disqualified Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens party-list.

De Castro had wanted the TRO to cover only the Senior Citizens party-list but Sereno eventually issued a “blanket” TRO, which meant that all winning party lists could not be proclaimed.

The eventual TRO, and Sereno’s apparent failure to consult De Castro was “grossly unprocedural,” said the associate justice.

Exercise of discretion

In her verified answer to Gadon’s complaint, Sereno said: “Since Justice De Castro was merely ‘recommending’ a course of action to the Chief Justice, and further considering that the proposed ‘temporary restraining order’ was merely a ‘draft,’ the Chief Justice can wholly accept, modify or even reject Justice De Castro’s recommendation. The Chief Justice could not be accused of falsifying anything. In the exercise of her own discretion and authority to issue TROs when the Court is in recess, the Chief Justice elected to issue a temporary restraining order under terms she considered just and proper.”

De Castro rejected this argument. “I disagree because I am the member-in-charge and as I mentioned, under our rules, the member-in-charge oversees the progress in these cases. The Chief Justice only issues the TRO but she has no authority to act on the case on her own,” she said.

The associate justice added that even if the SC was in recess, Sereno still should have consulted her.

De Castro also seemed miffed, in particular because in the TRO, Sereno made a reference to a recommendation she made. “If she has her own idea or own assessment as to the scope of the TRO, she should have at least consulted the member-in-charge. In that case, she should have consulted me before issuing the TRO because the member-in-charge is the one who studied the case,” she added.

Asked by Siquijor Representative Ramon Rocamora if Sereno’s only fault was not consulting her, De Castro replied: “My objection is not just that in the fact that she did not consult me. If only she consulted me, I would have explained to her that she cannot include other parties.”

“The thing is, she wrote in the TRO that it was upon my written recommendation. So why did she put there that the TRO she issued was upon my recommendation? That is not true. What I’m saying is that if she wanted to change, then she should have issued it on her own authority without reference to the member-in-charge,” she added.

The hearing is still ongoing as of posting.

Thus far, De Castro is the only associate justice who has stood as resource person in the impeachment case. The committee has also invited Associate Justice Noel Tijam, retired justice Arturo Brion, and other Supreme Court employees. –

#CJSereno #Impeachment #SupremeCourt #SerenoImpeachment

SERENO IMPEACHMENT | Justice De Castro: En Banc ‘effectively’ overturned CJ’s misrepresentation of decision on RCAO

sereno umali

MANILA – (UPDATE 11:52 A.M.) Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro on Wednesday testified before the House Committee on Justice hearing the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, confirming the serious protest she had lodged against Sereno’s alleged misrepresentation of the en banc’s Nov. 27, 2012 deliberations on the creation of the Regional Court Administrator’s Office in Region 7.

Sereno’s alleged “fabrication” of a resolution that misrepresented the intent of the en banc on the RCAO 7 – merely to study the need for, not yet create the office – was one of the grounds for impeachment listed in the complaint by lawyer Larry Gadon.

Sereno’s Administrative Order 175-2012 revives the Regional Court Administration Office-7 (RCAO-7) in Cebu City. The order was meant to decentralize the Manila-based Office of the Court Administrator under Midas Marquez but was implemented without the required approval of the en banc.

Fielding questions mainly from Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas, Justice De Castro said that after she wrote Sereno to protest the issuance of a resolution that reflected the supposed “ratification” by the en banc, in its Nov. 27, 2012 deliberations, of the revival of the RCAO 7, the en banc met anew on the matter and issued a new resolution. Prodded by Fariñas, Justice De Castro said the en banc resolution “effectively overturned” the resolution issued by Sereno.

“The exchanges among the justice was clear, to just create a study group and the Chief Justice even said I will amend my Administrative Order, and I was relying on that,” De Castro said.

De Castro said she had also taken issue with Sereno’s move to designate Judge Geraldine Faith Econg – someone outside the Office of Court Administrator and accountable only to the Chief Justice – to head the RCAO 7.

Asked if Sereno replied to her letter protesting the apparent misrepresentation, De Castro replied, “Hindi po [No, sir]. She did not reply at all.” Even during the deliberations (the matter was again taken up on Dec. 7), she did not explain [why she issued ] AO 175, Sereno did not address the issue.

In the Dec. 11, 2012 deliberations, the en banc subsequently decided to form a study committee to revisit the need to revive the RCAO and decentralize the functions of the Office of the Court Administrator, and designated Associate Justice Jose Perez to head the study group.

“It is a subtle way of overturning” the Sereno’s issuance of her resolution, said De Castro, noting that “we didn’t want to embarrass” the Chief Justice.

“I’m not after putting her down, I just want to correct what has been done to put things in order as decided by the court in previous resolutions,” De Castro added.


Reacting to the proceedings at the House Justice committee Thursday morning, the lawyers for Sereno, who have been sending running commentaries to the media, asserted that the “SC en banc approved the creation of Regional Court Administrative Office (RCAO) in Region 7.’

Sereno’s counsel said: “It is false to say that the Chief Justice acted unilaterally and without the knowledge of the Court En Banc when she issued A.O. No. 175-2012. Precisely, the creation of said office, its budget as well as the designation of its staff, had already been approved and delineated in earlier Resolutions of the Court. The Chief Justice, after studying the problems besetting far-flung courts, simply implemented these earlier Court En Banc resolutions creating an RCAO in the seventh judicial region. Contrary to Complainant’s baseless allegations, there is no En Banc Resolution nullifying, superseding or otherwise “scrapping” the Supreme Court’s resolutions creating the RCAO-7, including the assailed 27 November 2012 Resolution in A.M. No.12-11-9-SC.”


Asked anew by Farinas if Sereno’s issuance of Administrative Order 175-2012 was a violation of the Constitution and the law, De Castro refused to answer.

Farinas added, reading De Castro’s letter, that the said administrative order “has transgressed the said constitutional authority of the court en banc and the statutory authority of the Office nof the Court Administrator.”

Farinas also noted that P.D. No. 828 (Creating the Office of the Court Administrator in the Supreme Court) stated that the Chief Justice can only appoint staff with the approval of the court en banc.

Court Administrator Midas Marquez, meanwhile, gave the lawmakers a background of why the RCAO concept came to be, during the term of Chief Justice Art Panganiban in 2006. It was a move to decentralize the OCA functions to boost its fiscal responsbility, accountability and efficiency.

By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez, InterAksyon | News5 | November 29, 2017


Supreme Court Associate Justice De Castro testified that Chief Justice Sereno GROSSLY MISREPRESENTED en banc decisions re Regional Court Administrative Office

Appearing at the House of Representatives Committee on Justice Supreme Court CJ Sereno IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS,  SC Associate Justice De Castro stated that the Chief Magistrate issued administrative orders regarding the formation of a RCAO (Regional Court Administrative Office) when in fact the said creation was NOT APPROVED by the en banc Supreme Court. Justice De Castro issued a memorandum citing the ERROR yet CJ Sereno REITERATED her already REPUDIATED interpretation of the en banc deliberations. Representative Kit Belmonte commented that the Chief Justice may have FABRICATED the minutes and inquired why such discussions were being conducted under public spotlight (rather than in the privacy of an executive session). Complainant Gadon said the Chief Justice FALSIFIED the court documents since the Sereno first resolution did not reflect what transpired in the deliberations. Reacting to the De Castro memo chiding the Chief Justice for the “error’, CJ Sereno supposedly said that she would correct the mistake or oversight, HOWEVER, the Chief Justice, instead of AMENDING her order, made a second resolution REPEATING her blunder.

sereno 2016


Sereno’s order on judicial office did not conform to en banc decision: De Castro

ABS-CBN News  Nov 29 2017 11:11 AM 

MANILA – Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita De Castro on Wednesday told the House justice panel that an administrative order by Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno did not conform to the en banc decision of the high court.

De Castro said the en banc had adopted in 2006 two measures seeking to create a pilot Regional Court Administration Office in its decentralization efforts, but these were not reflected in an order released by Sereno in 2012.

“Both of these documents are en banc resolutions, which according to the Chief Justice she would like to implement, but when I compared the administrative order issued by the Chief Justice, it did not conform to the provisions of this administrative matter adopted by the court en banc,” she told lawmakers in the hearing of the House justice committee.

De Castro said she started investigating the matter after she and the other associate justices received an invitation from Sereno’s office to attend the reopening of RCAO in Central Visayas on November 29, 2012.

“I was taken aback because we are invited only to a launching of the Regional Court Administration Office in Region 7, and we were not at all consulted and made to participate in this decision to reopen the Regional Court Administration Office,” she said.

She found then that Sereno had issued Administrative Order No. 175-2012, “designating the head for Judiciary Decentralization Office in the seventh judicial region.”

“Even the heading of this administrative order shows that this is not meant to implement the RCAO as approved by the court en banc unanimously,” she said.

Lawyer Lorenzo Gadon, in his impeachment complaint, also accused Sereno of culpable violation of the Constitution when she falsified Supreme Court resolutions, including one which revived RCAO-7.



SC magistrate De Castro appears at Sereno impeach hearing

ABS-CBN News Nov 29 2017 

MANILA – Associate Justice Teresita De Castro on Wednesday attended the hearing on finding of probable cause in the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

De Castro, who penned a temporary restraining order that Sereno allegedly tampered with, attended the hearing, alongside Court Administrator Midas Marquez.

“I welcome this opportunity because this will be the right time for me to explain to everyone the process that we follow in deciding cases in the Supreme Court,” De Castro told lawmakers in her opening remarks.

“I also believe this is the proper venue where I can correct the misinformation that has been spread many times during this period,” she added.

House Justice Committee Chairman Reynaldo Umali said their panel will allot the entire session day to De Castro’s testimony since she is one of the central figures in the allegations against the top magistrate.

The panel seeks to establish probable cause in the 27 points mentioned in the complaint against Sereno, including allegedly bypassing her colleagues in the issuance of administrative orders.

The Supreme Court has authorized De Castro to testify on 3 matters only: the issuance of the TRO in the seniors’ citizens cases and exchange of communication with Sereno; the merits of the decision on the clustering case involving the Judicial and Bar Council; and the merits of her separate concurring opinion in the case involving then Solicitor General and now Associate Justice Francis Jardaleza.

De Castro, Associate Justice Noel Tijam, and retired justice Arturo Brion have said they will attend the impeachment hearings once they get clearance from the SC en banc, according to Umali.

#CJSerenoImpeachment #SupremeCourt

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