Ateneo SHOOTING suspect Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol was a pro-poor medical physician who leveled up to become an anti-crime and anti-drugs crusader in Lapitan, Basilan

Based on his social media postings through the years, Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol was an idealistic and patriotic member of the medical profession. Instead of opting to serve foreign masters in the Land of Milk and Honey where most Filipino doctors, nurses and other health professionals dream of going, he chose to be of service in the rural areas to cater to the poor. Free clinics and home visits to shanties were normal for him. At some point he made the transition from trying to cure individual patients to attempting to correct social ills which got him into trouble. Dozens of cyberlibel cases were dumped upon him after his exposes against the Lapitan local government. He then tried the legal route by filing a case against PACC Commissioner Belgica for what he perceived as coddling of drug lords in Lapitan. He was unsuccessfully ambushed for a reported three times and he probably knew that he was a marked man. People subjected to such severe treatment in an anti corruption campaign would have probably called it quits and resettled in Metro Manila or gone abroad. But Dr. Yumol is made of sterner stuff so he plotted a preemptive strike. More of a suicide mission actually. He struck a blow that would forever change Philippine history. The courts would have the final say on his act of taking the law into own hands.

Ateneo SHOOTING suspect Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol is an anti-crime and anti drugs crusader in Lapitan, Basilan


The police arrested the suspect, identified as Dr.Chao Tiao Yumol, 38, a resident of Lamitan City. Recovered from the scene was a caliber .45 pistol with silencer.


Philippine Star

January 16, 2021

Dr. Chao-Tiao Yumol and Members of the Filipino League of Advocates for Good Governance – Maharlika filed a graft and corruption charge against PACC Commissioner Greco Belgica before the Office of the Ombudsman for allegedly protecting people connected to illegal drugs on Wednesday.


Doc escapes slay attempt in Zamboanga

By Al Jacinto, The Manila Times

December 14, 2020

ZAMBOANGA CITY: A medical doctor in Basilan province survived a gun attack in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga, and on Friday, the police launched an investigation into the attempted murder. Before midnight on Thursday, Dr. Chao-Tiao Yumol was driving his car with three passengers when motorcycle-riding gunmen opened fire on his vehicle, but a bulletproof curtain, hanging by his side, saved his life. “That bulletproof curtain, which I improvised, saved my life. I could have been shot in the chest,” he said. Yumol told the police that one of the attackers was attempting to shoot him again, but the gun jammed, and the ambushers fled on a motorcycle. “I saw him trying to shoot again, but his gun apparently jammed,” he said. When police asked the 36-year-old doctor the probable motives for the attack, Yumol replied, “It is political,” but did not elaborate. Yumol said they were going home when the gunmen, who were waiting for them on a road in Lunzuran village, attacked his car. “I did not see their faces. They were both wearing motorcycle helmets and clad in jackets. They are medium-built,” he added, describing to the police the attackers’ physical appearance. Police investigators recovered an empty shell and one slug of a suspected .45-caliber pistol from the area. “A thorough investigation is still being conducted by Zamboanga City police Station Five for the possible identification and immediate arrest of the suspects,” Cpt. Edwin Duco, a regional police spokesman, said.

Ateneo SHOOTING – 3 dead and at least one wounded

Mayor Rose Furigay of Lamitan, Basilan and her bodyguard were shot and killed while going out of their bulletproof vehicle at the Ateneo Law School graduation in Katipunan. A responding Ateneo security guard was also killed. Seriously injured is the mayor’s daughter who is among the graduates.

At least two suspected gunmen carried out the assassination. Both arrived at the scene of the crime in a motorcycle(s?) and waited for the victims to get out of their vehicle. This was near Gate 3 of Ateneo and they escaped on foot to cross Katipunan Avenue and walked/ran in the the vicinity of the Varsity Hills subdivision. A private vehicle was forcibly taken and rammed into the subdivision’s De La Rosa gate. One suspect was captured in Aurora Boulevard by pursuing policemen.

2022: NO WIN in sight for Lacson and SECURITY CLUSTER candidates

EDSA 1 heroes Fidel V. Ramos became president of the Philippines while Juan Ponce Enrile and Gringo Honasan became senators. So too Marine General Rodolfo Biazon, who defended the Republic against Honasan military adventurisms. From the ranks of the Philippine National Police, Robert Barbers, Alfredo Lim and Panfilo Lacson became senators. Rebel soldier Antonio Trillanes was elected senator too. Thus, the security cluster (military and police) has been adequately represented in the Upper Chamber of the legislature.

For the 2022 presidential elections, we have Senator Ping Lacson running for President. His chances of electoral victory are almost nil since he is currently in 5th place and very far behind in the poll surveys.

Former Department of National Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro ran for President in 2010 as the standard bearer of the then Gloria Macapagal Arroyo administration. Gibo finished a very poor 4th place. In 2016, President Duterte was forming his Cabinet and announced in a press conference that he wanted Gibo to be his DND Secretary. Gibo declined the offer from the President. Then in 2021, when presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte was contemplating a 2022 presidential run, Gibo, from out of the blue, showed up in Davao to present himself as Sara’s vice presidential bet. Sara is running for vice president while Gibo is running for senator. Less than three months before the May elections, Inday Sara is leading the vice presidential race by a comfortable margin while Gibo is nowhere to be found in the Magic 12 or even in those with a slight chance of winning.

Former senators Trillanes (no chance) and Honasan (slight chance) need lots of extra push and good luck to be able to return to the Senate. Former PNP chief Guillermo Eleazar is destined to fail in his Senate quest. PMAer (Philippine Military Academy) and Duterte Cabinet member John Castriciones is staring at inevitable defeat. It did not help his cause by jumping over to the Isko Moreno for President camp. The majority of voters are in the Digong-BBM-Sara side so all Sec John had to do was to woo the pro-government citizens (President Duterte endorsed him for senator).

There you have it, the fearless forecast is a big ZERO for the security cluster for the 2022 national elections.

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The Belmonte family has been the dominant force in Quezon City politics for the past 30 years when the patriarch Sonny Belmonte, SB for short, started out as a three term district (QC 4th, 1992 – 2001) congressman, then shifted (due to term limits) to run and win as Quezon City mayor, again for the maximum three consecutive terms (2001 – 2010) and went back to the House of Representatives (2010 – 2019). All through these years Belmonte relatives were and still are active in various capacities – district congressmen, city councilors and even as party list representative running under the Belmonte dynasty controlled SB (what else?) party.

The top position in Quezon City is that of mayor, that SB held for nine years. When his vice mayor Bistek Bautista ran for mayor, SB’s daughter was fielded to run for vice mayor. Both won, as expected. In Quezon City, SB is the master political strategist forming alliances ensuring victory even before the votes are cast. In 2019, after the Bistek Joy tandem had served out their own three consecutive terms, Joy ran and won as mayor. Unfortunately, the daughter did not inherit the political savvy of the father. SB had to work his way to the top and relied on many allies and horse trading to achieve his victories (he was House Speaker for many years). Joy got her plum position on a silver platter being the daughter of SB, thus inheriting the city chief executive crown. In true dynastic fashion, a multitude of relatives occupy elective and appointive positions. Politics is truly a family business.

The pandemic really brought out the worst in the new mayor (at the same time that other first term mayors in Manila, Pasig and San Juan were creating waves in initiatives, creativity, efficiency and performance in public service). Patented temper tantrums mark the rule of the possessed woman. As she now runs for her second term, a confluence of events makes her re-election a lot more difficult. Bong Bong Marcos is leading all presidential surveys. He is running under the Partido Federal ng Pilipinas. Ironically, prior to BBM’s sudden entry into that obscure national political party, Joy Belmonte was the NCR Chairperson of PFP. In a sudden twist of events, BBM endorsed Congressman Mike Defensor as the PFP standard bearer for Quezon City. Quezon City is a major BBM bailiwick and his anointed one for Quezon City will sway multitudes of voters to the Defensor side. Kingpins Bingbong Crisologo and Winnie Castelo (who has his own QC dynasty) are in the Defensor ticket.

Dynasties, sooner or later, end. Aside from Joy there are still relatives running for local office and they may still win a number of positions. In 2019, the Belmontes lost a councilor seat in District 1. Their SB party list nominees also failed to land a seat (up to a maximum of three per party list) thus giving up the seat they previously held. Should Joy lose as mayor in 2022, it would be the equivalent of a dynastic decapitation as she currently holds the highest elective position among the Belmontes. It could break the heart of the aging patriarch, SB, who built an empire only to see it crumble but he only has his daughter to blame.

2022 LP senatorial chances – 5 winners? De Lima (OUT?), Hontiveros (IN?), Trillanes (OUT?) and Escudero, Binay, Zubiri and Villanueva (all IN?)

With the 2022 presidential elections fast approaching, we weigh the chances of the current opposition in the forthcoming senatorial contest. Jailed senator Liela de Lima and comebacking senator Antonio Trillanes are not registering well in most surveys while Risa Hontiveros has a good chance of retaining her seat.

The Liberal Party has included proven vote getters (Escudero, former VP Binay, Gordon, Zubiri and Villanueva) in their senatorial ticket thus assuring that there will be no repeat of their 2019 mid term debacle wherein they got ZERO out of eight contenders (Otso Diretso sa Inidoro). Escudero, Binay, Zubiri, Villanueva and Hontiveros will most likely land in the Magic 12.

The YELLOW party standard bearer for the presidency, VP Leni Robredo, is a distant second in surveys while vice presidential candidate Senator Kiko Pangilinan is third in the pre-election preferences.

YELLOWTARD Quarantine violator party goer calls Du30 INCOMPETENT

Instant celebrity Gwyneth Chua who skipped her mandatory quarantine to go partying then tested positive for Covid 19 and in the process infecting her friends and resto bar staff, has a lot of anger frothing from her social media post. 1. She just called the hard working Philippine President Duterte as INCOMPETENT 2. She stated that FRONTLINERS are LAZY 3. She said that the Philippines is KJ (killjoy) and walang pakisama (no camaraderie) referring to party restrictions and protocols. 4. She dismissed her irresponsible behavior as “simpleng party lang” (it was just a mere party) as if to minimize the public health hazard that she has caused. 5. She also considers the fuss she is generating as an over reaction (OA or over acting).

At the very least, she has a lot of explaining to do, hopefully, in a court of law.

SUPER SPREADER – Covid quarantine violator

Gwyneth Chua arrived from the United States and checked into an accredited hotel for her mandatory quarantine due to the Covid 19 pandemic. However, she slipped out of the facility to go out to paint the town red. The party animal later tested positive for the disease and contact tracing exposed her path of destruction. She is currently being investigated with possible charges being brought out against her.

BUHAY Party List – El Shaddai’s Brother Mike Velarde WITHDRAWS support

Two time Philippine elections party list topnotcher BUHAY with a Velarde sitting in Congress from 2001 to 2019 is in deep trouble. Having three representatives in the years (2007, 2013) that Buhay came out on top, the rest of the elections participated in netted two representatives (2001, 2004, 2010, 2016). However, in 2019, former Manila City Mayor Lito Atienza was the lone BUHAY winner. Atienza is currently serving his third term (2013, 2016 and 2019) as a BUHAY party list congressman and he is running for vice president in 2022. 2019 was the first time since 2001 that no Velarde won as a party list representative since the Velarde nominee was only listed second, with Atienza listed first, and BUHAY only secured one seat.

Atienza asked for the help of the Charismatic leader Brother Mike in the 2001 party list elections with the agreement that Brother Mike would choose the nominees. Atienza was the BUHAY second nominee in 2013 and 2016 and won both times. For 2019, Atienza requested Brother Mike for him (Mayor Lito) to run as the BUHAY first nominee (perhaps to ensure that he would win a third consecutive term). Brother Mike agreed and Congressman Atienza got his third term through BUHAY. Brother Mike thought that the initial 2001 agreement was still in place and that he would put a son of his as the first nominee for 2022. Party List representative Lito Atienza had other plans. Since he is barred by the Philippine Constitution from running for a fourth consecutive Congressional seat as well as having plans for higher office in 2022, Atienza put his son-in-law as BUHAY’s first nominee for 2022. The Velarde family (Brother Mike and two of his sons who had previously been BUHAY Congressmen) pulled out of the party list that had a spectacular past because of Brother Mike and the hordes of El Shaddai faithful.

Without Brother Mike and with Lito Atienza running for vice president in 2022, it would be worth watching if BUHAY party list would be able to regain the glory it once had from the 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 elections. A single winner in 2019 is the lowest point of BUHAY at this time. For 2022, BUHAY can retain its single seat (getting two or three seats as in elections past is totally unthinkable) or BUHAY may not succeed in getting a single seat as the Brother Mike Velarde drawing power is no longer there.

Mayor Michael Gutierrez DIES – Parojinog DRUG MATRIX

2021 Christmas party SNIPER attack HEAD SHOT victim Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental Mayor Michael Gutierrez died days after undergoing brain surgery.

Mayor Michael Gutierrez was among 8 town mayors of the province associated with then Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr., DRUG LORD, featured in a 2016 DRUG MATRIX. To date FOUR in that DRUG MATRIX are dead. 1. Reynaldo Parojinog Sr. (killed in a raid on his house in 2017, together with his wife, brother Octavio Jr., sister and nephew among more than a dozen who died in that police operation. 2. Richard Parojinog who died in jail in 2020. 3. Clarin Mayor David Navarro who was killed in an ambush in Cebu in 2019 and now 4. Mayor Michael Gutierrez who was at the holiday celebration of Misamis Occidental 2nd District Congressman Henry Oaminal.

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