ABS CBN franchise EXPIRES today, May 4, 2020. To continue operating or not?

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Calida warns NTC vs granting provisional authority to ABS-CBN

By: Christia Marie Ramos – INQUIRER.net
May 03, 2020

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine government’s top lawyer on Sunday warned the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) against granting ABS-CBN provisional authority to operate while the approval of its franchise is pending in Congress.

Solicitor General Jose Calida’s statement opposing the granting of provisional authority to the country’s biggest media network comes as the country marks World Press Freedom Day.

According to the solicitor general, the NTC commissioners could risk subjecting themselves to prosecution under the country’s anti-graft and corruption laws should they issue the “unlawful” PAs to ABS-CBN in the absence of a franchise.

The media giant’s franchise is set to expire on May 4, the same day Congress resumes its regular session.

Congress went on a two month break early March without passing a law extending the franchise of ABS-CBN for another 25 years.

During a later hearing of the House legislative franchise committee in March, NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba said the NTC will issue a provisional authority to ABS-CBN allowing it to operate pending its application.

Cordoba told the House panel that this decision was based on an opinion of the Department of Justice (DOJ) allowing ABS-CBN to operate based on equity considerations.

The Senate adopted a similar resolution urging the NTC to grant ABS-CBN provisional authority to continue its operations as its franchise approval remains pending.

However, Calida stressed that the Constitution gives Congress “the exclusive power to grant franchises to public utilities, such as broadcasting companies, in order to operate in the country.”

Citing a 2014 Supreme Court decision, the solicitor general said an entity must first secure a franchise from Congress.

After it is granted one, it should then apply for a Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) from the NTC before it can operate.

Pending approval of its CPC, however, it can apply for a provisional authority (PA) so it can start operating during the interim, he said.

“Hence, a PA should only be issued once a congressional franchise has been granted and an application for CPC is pending before the NTC for approval,” Calida said. “The NTC cannot issue a PA when the broadcast company has no valid and existing legislative franchise.”

“No less than the Constitution requires a prior franchise from Congress. Hence, when there is no renewal, the franchise expires by operation of law. The franchise ceases to exist and the entity can no longer continue its operations as a public utility,” he added.

Pursuant to applicable laws, Supreme Court rulings as well as its own rules, Calida said the NTC can only issue a cease and desist order and/or a recall order against a broadcasting entity in the absence of a congressional franchise.

The solicitor general further said the NTC could not rely on the letter of the House leadership as well as the Senate resolution which both urged the commission to grant a provisional authority to ABS-CBN.

“These issuances cannot amend the current law requiring a congressional franchise for the operation of broadcasting networks. Not being separate laws themselves, they cannot amend or repeal prior laws,” Calida said.

He added that the NTC could not use the opinion of the justice department as legal basis to grant ABS-CBN provisional authority, saying a 2003 ruling by the Supreme Court held invalid a 1991 DOJ opinion which stated that the NTC may issue a permit or authorization without a legislative franchise. 

Calida then reminded the NTC that “contrary to the DOJ opinion, equity considerations do not justify granting PAs to ABS-CBN and its affiliates considering the clear mandate of the Constitution, laws, and decisions of the Supreme Court on the matter.”

“Equity is only available when there is no law on a particular matter. Where the law is clear, as in this case, it must be obeyed,” he said.

On February 11, Calida sought the revocation of ABS-CBN’s franchise over alleged violations through a quo warranto petition filed before the Supreme Court

Calida, in his petition, claimed that ABS-CBN violated the constitution when it issued Philippine Depositary Receipts (PDRs) through ABS-CBN Holdings Corporation to foreigners.

He also accused the network of “broadcasting for a fee” when it operated a pay-per-view channel (KBO Channel) in its ABS-CBN TV Plus cable product without approval or permit from the National Telecommunications Commission.

ABS-CBN has since maintained that it did not violate any law governing its franchise and that it had secured all necessary approvals for its business operations.


UST Hospital in DEEP FINANCIAL TROUBLE blames PhilHealth for 180 million pesos 2019 collectible

UST Hospital is claiming a 5 to 6 month processing of claims by PhilHealth. This happened BEFORE the COVID 19 pandemic. This is another proof of the INCOMPETENCE and INEFFICIENCY of PHIC. This is NOT an ISOLATED case of a single hospital crying out for help. Both private and government hospitals are suffering from the same PHIC problem in varying amounts of accounts receivable from the government health insurance organization. The bureaucratic slow movement of paper in PHIC is compounded by the recent scandal of insurance fraud pertaining to a hemodialysis out patient facility. This expose sent shivers done the spines of PHIC executives now in a state of corporate paralysis due to fear of legal entanglements.

During normal times, hospitals just accepted PHIC red tape with a grain of salt but now that we are in the midst of a pandemic, the costs of PPEs (personal protective equipment) and manpower (frontliners are provided food, shelter and transportation not done before this pandemic) have skyrocketed at the same time that major hospital income generating units are closed.

Since the start of the Duterte Administration on June 30, 2016, there have been 5 PHIC Presidents – Aristoza, Dineros, de la Serna, Ferrer and Morales (current) which is termed in business parlance as a revolving door which does not bode well in terms of stability, consistency and long term strategy.

19 ust


UST Hospital retrenches workers, cites losses, P180M owed by PhilHealth

UST HOSPITAL has cut its manpower amid heavy financial losses since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hospital medical director Dr. Marcellus Francis Ramirez said state-run Philippine Health Insurance Corp. owed more than P180 million in expenses for patients last 2019.
“[P]ainful decisions were needed to be made. While the news around significantly highlights the health and medical impact of the pandemic, the huge economic and financial impact brought about by this crisis to all business establishments, most especially to healthcare institutions, is often overlooked,” Ramirez told the Varsitarian.

Earlier, Ramirez said some patients were discharged on promissory notes.

He said the retrenchment plan “was reviewed in detail by our Legal Counsel and after we have complied with all legal requirements for the same, such as the notification to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the 30-day notice to the affected employees.”

“[W]e first implemented non-renewal of fixed term contracts and recently, retrenchment, which, based on our collective bargaining agreement (CBA), would be based on the principle of last in first out,” he said.

He pointed out that retrenchment is a “recognized valid and legal management measure and it remains as such even during the Covid 19 crisis.”

Ramirez said employees affected by the retrenchment measures would receive a 150-percent separation pay based on the hospital’s CBA, which was 50 percent higher than what the Labor Code provides.

Online labor protest on Labor Day

The Ugnayang Nagkakaisang Manggagawa–University of Santo Tomas (UNM–UST) protested what it said was the “wrongful termination” being implemented by the hospital management, supposedly in the guise of business losses.

It said USTH hospital workers remained committed to their work even after their pleas for additional benefits during the pandemic “fell on deaf ears.”

An employee from the Hospital affected by the retrenchment measures said he pleaded with the hospital administrators to keep his job, as looking for another job would not be possible amid the pandemic.

“Kahit na pakiramdam ko wala na ako magagawa sana talaga may maisip pang paraan,” the employee told the Varsitarian.


Statement from UST Hospital:

The UST Hospital was constrained to implement manpower reduction measures in order to minimize its expenses and to reduce the significant losses it had been sustaining due to the Covid 19 crisis. Since the start of the pandemic and the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and lockdown that followed, the overall hospital census went significantly down. Moreover, most of the patients admitted were CoVid patients. Ordinary and elective patients stayed away from most hospitals even up to now due to fear of possible Covid 19 infection. While the news around significantly highlights the health and medical impact of the pandemic, the huge economic and financial impact brought about by this crisis to all business establishments, most especially to healthcare institutions, is often overlooked. The huge cost brought about by our contingency measures to address the demands of the pandemic, which included cancellation of elective procedures and admissions to give way to the intensive care of CoVid patients, as well as the tremendous impact on our patient census, is taking a very serious toll on the hospital’s sustainability.

While Philhealth has instituted healthcare coverage of admitted CoVid patients, reimbursement is delayed by an average of 5 – 6 months. Currently the receivable of USTH from Philhealth stands at more than P180 million and counting.

Despite the foregoing, the hospital continues to operate and pay utilities, (electricity, water, and communications, etc.) services (security and janitorial services and waste management, etc), medications and supplies needed for patients, and for the salaries of employees most of whom are on leave.

Many of the employees also could not come to the hospital because of limited transportation while others filed for unused leaves. There were even some who were not allowed by their parents and family members to report for work.

We have no idea when our operations will return to normal and we are uncertain if we can actually fully operate within the year.

The new normal, as it is called and which we are gradually transitioning into, will not be an assurance that the hospital’s current manpower will still be the number needed to operate it. Painful decisions were needed to be made. In view of the enormous impact of the pandemic, USTH has to implement the right-sizing of its non-crucial (non-frontliner) manpower complement, in addition to other measures which included adjustment of operating hours and implementation of other cost efficiency measures.

We first implemented non-renewal of fixed term contracts and recently, retrenchment, which, based on our collective bargaining agreement (CBA), would be based on the principle of last in first out. The retrenchment was implemented after it was reviewed in detail by our Legal Counsel and after we have complied with all legal requirements for the same, such as the notification to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the 30-day notice to the affected employees. Employees affected by the retrenchment measures will receive 150%  separation pay based on our CBA, which is 50% higher than what the Labor Code provides. It must also be noted that retrenchment is a recognized valid and legal management measure and it remains as such even during the Covid 19 crisis.  Thank you for allowing us to clarify about the matter.

Marcellus Francis L. Ramirez, MD


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Private hospitals struggle due to PhilHealth failure to pay arrears

Published March 28, 2020 5:27pm
Private hospitals in the country were struggling to respond to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic as they were running out of funds due to the failure of state-run Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) to pay its arrears.

This was alleged by University of the Philippines Executive Vice President Teodoro Herbosa in a Facebook post.

“The other reason private hospitals are tapping out is that PhilHealth hasn’t paid last year’s arrears. PhilHealth should release those payments to services already rendered. Bakit iniipit?” Herbosa asked.

“I discovered one of the private hospitals has [P]500 million in collectibles with PhilHealth,” he added.

Asked to comment, Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Inc. (PHAPI) President Rustico Jimenez confirmed that PhilHealth had not been paying hospitals’ claims on time.

The PHAPI chief added that the state health insurer had around P4 billion to P5 billion in payables to private hospitals.

Herbosa said PhilHealth should start paying even 50% of its arrears to hospitals “on the condition that they continue serving the public whether just a PUI or confirmed COVID 19.”

Sought for comment, PhilHealth Vice President for Corporate Affairs Gigi Domingo said the state health insurer had made available P30 billion in financial assistance to respond to the COVID-19 threat.

“The amount they can avail is three months’ worth of total claims last year. This will address their current needs in providing quality care to all Filipinos in need of hospital services during this COVID pandemic,” Domingo said.

PhilHealth said the release of P30 billion utilizes its interim reimbursement mechanism (IRM) which will provide health care providers with much-needed liquidity to adequately respond to the pandemic.

The arrangement is also part of PhilHealth’s efforts to reduce return-to-hospital payables filed in 2019 and earlier, and to further increase payments to hospitals, the agency said. — DVM, GMA News


PhilHealth owes billions to private hospitals – exec

Jamaine Punzalan, ABS-CBN News

May 08 2018

MANILA (UPDATE) – The Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) owes billions to private hospitals across the country, a leader of the medical community claimed Tuesday as the agency faced investigation for alleged anomalies.

Dr. Rustico Jimenez, president of the Private Hospital Association of the Philippines (PHAP), said the agency’s debt ballooned after it ordered hospitals to apply for reimbursement claims through an online portal.

“Ang sabi nila, ‘pag ginamit namin ang e-claims, mas mapapabilis po ang bayad. Ngayon po, ang nangyari lalo pong na-delay ang bayad namin. Hindi po makapasok sa kanilang portal e,” he told DZMM.

(They said if we use e-claims, the reimbursement will be quicker. But the delay in payments worsened instead. We can’t even enter their portal.)

Some hospitals may shut down or refuse non-emergency patients if PhilHealth does not settle its alleged debts soon, Jimenez warned.

“Kung hindi pa po magbabayad ang PhilHealth by this time, or 2 weeks’ time, baka marami nang magsara. Baka mag-ano na po kami, hospital holiday,” he said.

(If PhilHealth does not pay by this time, or in 2 weeks’ time, many hospitals may close. We may impose a hospital holiday.)

“Baka hindi na po namin tanggapin ang patients ng PhilHealth kasi po wala nang ipangtutustos ang ospital… Iyung mga emergency po tatanggapin namin iyun, pero iyung mga elective — iyung mga hindi naman po kailangan admit-in, check-up lang — siguro ibibigay na lang po namin iyun sa government hospitals,” he added.

(We may also stop accepting PhilHealth patients because hospitals no longer have funds. We will only accept emergency cases and refer elective ones — those who won’t be admitted and only need check-up — to government hospitals.)

Jimenez’s accusations came in the wake of President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to investigate the P627,000 in travel expenses allegedly incurred by PhilHealth officer-in-charge Celestina Ma. Jude Dela Serna in 2017 — the same year that her agency reported an unaudited loss of P9 billion.

PhilHealth will check if it has failed to process hospital claims within the required 60 days, said the agency’s OIC-Vice President and head executive assistant, Dr. Israel Francis Pargas.

“We will do our thing and check kung iyung mga sinabi niya (PHAP’s Jimenez)… and we will see what we can do kaagad-agad para d’yan,” Pargas said in a separate DZMM interview.

(We will do our thing and check his statements… and we will see what we can do immediately do about that.)

Pargas said the agency is working on the technical difficulties of its online portal.

“There are issues right now we are trying to solve but hopefully this particular use of technology would actually result in a more efficient processing not only for PhilHealth but also for the facilities for filing their claims,” he said.

Pargas, meanwhile, admitted that the agency currently has a backlog in processing claims by private hospitals.

“Yes, we do owe…In some of our offices, in some of our regions, we have a recorded backlog in the processing of our claims but Dr. Jimenez is saying names of facilities so we would like technically to check those facilities,” he said.

Malacañang will also look into the Jimenez’s accusation, vowed Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

“Ito naman po ay iimbestigahan din ng ating Palasyo at kaunting panahon lang po, dahil itong mga balitang ito ay kakaputok lang din po,” he also told DZMM.

(This will also be investigated by our Palace. We only need a little time because this news has just broken.)

COVID 19 – QC Mayor FB account 1 month nang TULOG (self quarantine, hindi makayanan ang KATOTOHAN ng KAKUPARAN, KAPALPAKAN at PAMIMILI ng binibigyan)

19 joy no

sa totoo lang, dapat malaking tulong ang FB account kung saan ang mga mamamayan ay nabibigyan ng boses. maituturo ng mga hindi pa nakakatanggap ang mga lugar kung saan dapat bigyan ng pansin. naisisiwalat din ang mga katiwalian sa antas ng mga barangay captain, mga kagawad at mga empleyado nito. yung mga mapapait na pananalita ay dala lamang ng gutom at nakikitang pagpabor sa mga malalapit sa kapitan. kapag nadalhan na ng relief packs yung mga nagrereklamo ay mananahimik na sila at magpapasalamat pa. ngunit ang ginawa ni mayora ay PINATULOG na ang sarili niyang fan page at itinuro nalang ang mga mamamayan sa pahina ng lungsod. pagpapakita ito ng KAHINAAN sapagkat hindi na niya kayang sagutin ang dami ng mga nakasulat na mga problema. ang isang tunay na lider ay gagawa ng paraan para maginhawahan ang kanyang mga nasasakupan. ang problema kasi sa Quezon City ay NAGKABAYARAN nuong huling halalan kaya sa tingin ng mga kasalukuyang namamahala ay BAYAD NA ang mga botante nuong 2019 pa.

iminugkahi ng dating DILG Secretary na si Rafael Alunan na dapat na raw kunin ng IATF ang pamamahala ng Lungsod Quezon sapagkat nilalagay nito sa panganib ang mga mamamayan dala ng kapalpakan.

eto po ang ilan sa mga comments sa JB page. sunodsunod po iyan at walang bawas o kulang. may galit. may nagpasalamat. walang pinili. inayos lang ang ibang spelling ngunit hindi binago ang buod ng sinabi.


  • Natalie Linda – My mom‘s friend and her four children in Q.C. only received 2 kilos of rice, 2 noodle soups and 4 coffee sachets once. They are categorized as 4Ps.
  • Annabelle Josol Banaga – Gud evening po Mayor Joy, I hope you can read this message. I need help for my friend, jeffrey now in #36 Tacloban St., Paela Subdivision, Brgy Culiat, Quezon City. He needs to buy medicine as maintenance for his illness.  Sad to know Pk Leader cannot assist & refused to do in spite of the situation now, since he needs to change his prescription from the doctor. And eventually buy his medicine. I hope and pray you can assist him on his needs. Or anyone out there who can read this message to bring dis message to the mayor or city health office pls. Maraming salamat po.
    Boyet Encarnacion – Mayora sabi mo kasi ireport sa page mo yung barangay na di binibgy yung supplies,,report ko lng yung brgy BAESA since lockdown, ngayun week 1 tray na itlog lang talaga ang bigay nila, di po ba food packs, 1st wave,at may 2nd wave, 3rd wave (cash) pa, kasi po ,di na po kami nakapaghanap buhay, stop operation kami sa Munoz market, kababayad ko palang licence feb, 16, thousand ang ibinayad ko, , sana naman tulungan kami na wag magutom, biglaan ang lock down yung pera ko ibinayad ko religiously sa city hall, dapat yung sinasabi ni pres. magawa tlga para stay home talaga. ok lang susunod kami STAY HOME, sana sunod din kay PRESIDENT. KUNG ANONG DIREKTIBA. AT SANA KAHIT SUBDIVISION PASUKIN DAHIL NANGUNGUPAHAN LANG  NMAN YUNG IBA DITO TULAD NAMIN, AT MARAMING SQUATTERS DITO, PLS PO AYUDA PO .SALAMAT PO


  • Suson M. Ivannel – Hello mayor joy belmonte I am deaf long not yet dswd pwd relief now i never dswd sap now i here in athena phase 3,north olympus subd, barangay kaligayahan, Quezon city
  • Orgaya Ren – Yong kapitan nyo po kalampagin nyo kc dto samin nka 2 ng bigay na barangay sangandaan premium ext. unang bigay galing sa kapitan at pangalawa yong galing ki mayora joy Belmonte at nagppasalamat po kmi kc khit papano ay naabotan kmi, sana ganun din yong 5k to 8k per family still hoping po mayor dahil talagang hirap po ng ganito nagsasabi po kmi ng totoo
  • Marvin Liad Perez – Mayora, ppnu po ninyo matitiyak n yan ay hnd mbbwasan? Daming mga mgnnkaw sa brgy. Mga patay gutom na kesyo ns frontline daw sila dahil dinadala nila sa mga tao mga packs pero sila ang numero unong mgnnkaw. Ky gumawa kayo ng sistema na kumpleto na mttanggap ng mga tao pr hnd na kayo mabash ng mga tao
  • Beth Rivera Mayor – Sana po ay mabigyang pansin nyo ang aming brgy. WALA pa po kami natatanggap na AYUDA mula sa tanggapan nyo. Dito po sa Brgy Culiat Tandang Sora Avenue, QC sa may New Era General Hospital Tandang Sora Gate.We hope for your IMMEDIATE RESPONSE re-This matter. Thank u & God bless
  • Tina Cea – Hi ma’am joy masasaya Po sainyo Ang dami nyong binigyan pong pagkain at Iba pa..ma’am joy bat may ganito pong tao masm joy. maysakit na mga seneserran pa mg ank Po Ni chery chavis lht nlng Po lagi Po ako ma’am joy sinosurvey NG ank Ni chery may cellphone nmn sila ma’am.joy kinokorsonada Po nila Po ako kahit Hindi Po ako umiyak ginagawa Po nya sa kanyang cellphone Po ma’am joy belmonte ma’am padi ay Nayan nyo Po Yan mga taong Yan masm lht Po NG messages mo ginagawa Po nilng mali ma’am. ksohan nyo Napo yan Po sila Pati pag laro iniokot Po nila
  • Mendoza GanieLhen – Sa amin nga dto s brgy. socorro nung tuesday lng kmi nbgyan galing p daw ke mayor..ei asan ung tulong ng brgy nmin dto wla kc pili lng bngyan nila, khit 2 kilo at 2 sardinas sna snabay neo n kapitan di yung tinago neo pa..😂😂..inabot p ng 2 wiks mhigit bgo kmi nktikim ng galing ke mayor..salamat ang bbaaaiiiittt nyo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Analisa Malagueño Morente – Dito po sa brgy salvacion la loma q.c wala pa po kami narereceive na Social Amelloration Program form kelan po mamimigay nag announce po si mr. Galvez na before mag april 9 dapat lahat makatangap na ang mga tao ng financial assistance.
  • Steve Lim – dito mo makikita kung sino talaga ang gustong talaga tumulong sa taong bayan at yung gusto lang magnakaw. yung biglang “poof” pu****ina kailangan ko pala talagang magtrabaho bilang public servant dahil nagkaroon ng pandemic at hindi yung pagsasayaw at pagpapakabibo ko sa kampanya nuon ang mahalaga
  • Diana Karen D. Elizaga – Mayor kmi po dto along richland ave.(d dw kami part ng richland I eh) s brgy. Sauyo iilan lng nman kaming bhay dto n wala pang nttanggap n ayuda galing s inyo. Porke b wala kaming asosasyon? Samantalang ung mga nkapaligid s amin dto n porke may asosasyon meron n? Last mar 23 p ung ntanggap nmin galing s brgy dw un.,( 2 kg bigas, 2 maliit n de lata, 2 noodles). Nxt week holy week n? May mag aasikaso p kaya n magdistribute para s mga wala png nttanggap?
  • Jovelyn Perlawan – Mayor kami po dito sa pingkian3 visayas extention wala pa po kami natanggap na ayuda galing sa inyo city hall matatapos nalang ang quarantine lurat na mata ng mga taga visayas extention walang ayudang dumating galing sayo
  • Lorns Oñade Shehzad – Dito po sa republic mayora ung iba nakatanggap na pero parang pili ata nangyayari kc bakit hindi nkarating dito sa saint Louie street ibang street naka tanggap na. mag isang buwan na walang pasok asawa ko sana naman po lahat maka tanggap hindi naman po lahat naka tira sa holy spirit may kaya tulad namin nangupahan lang at umaasa sa kita pang araw-araw.
    Angelica Canayong – Mayor sana nman po bigyan nyo ng ayuda lhat ng nawalan ng trabaho lahat ng kumpanyang naalis sa pangungulekta ng basura sa quezon city ang daming pamilyang magugutom sa disisyon sa pag papalit nyo po ng contractor MAYORJOYBELMONTE
  • Ramon E. Javier – Mayor Joy, good evening. Brgy Sangandaan, Proj 8 has only given the 1 kilo rice, 2 instant noodles & 2 canned sardines. Brgy Officials do not observe the social distancing even when in front of the Brgy Hall. Brgy Officials allow constituents to walk the streets without face mask kht naging mandatory na & ‘angkas’ on motorcycles. Please wake up our Brgy Chairwoman & her Brgy Officials.
    Thank you
  • Pilapil Eddie – Meyor sana po mabigyan nyo na po kami ng ayuda dswd barangay milagrosa Qc po kami wala npo kami pangbili ng bigas sana po makarating po sa inyo minsahe po namin salamat po.
  • Elizabeth Reyes Ebron – Thank you po Mayor Joy Belmonte malaking tulong Po Ang ibibigay nyo sa Aming Pamilya na relief goods. Sana Po wag Po kayong magsawa sa kakatulong sa QC.
  • Gina Zamora Renigen – Maraming thank you po mayor nabigyn n po kami ng relief goods dto sa mabuhay sauyo thank so much. Malaking tulong po ito pra samin
  • Maricel Francisco Gumboc – mayor joy sna po matulungan nyo kmi kc wla PNG sweldo aswa q mula January s Quezon city hall po xa under ng konsehal, nagugutom n po pamilya q
  • Liv H Alston – Hi Mayor Joy, sana ay mabigyang pansin mo ito. Nais ko lang sabihin na maraming mas nangangailangan ng relief nyo, kung pwede lang po, e kahit papano ay magkaron kayo ng PAKE kung kanino ba talaga napupunta yung mga sinasabi nyong relief goods. Sana ay magkaron kayo ng proper monitoring at transparency dito sa page nyo, para naman malaman din namin ang validity. Kung talagang malinis ka at walang bahid ng korupsyon, di ka matatakot dito sapagkat makakatulong din naman po ito sa paglinis ng pangalan nyo. Ang importante ngayon, ay maramdaman ng lahat yung sinasabi nyong relief goods. At malaman din namin kung sino na ang mga nabigyan neto nang sa gayon ay manahimik kami kakaparinig sayo at gumaan naman ang loob namin na makitang may natutulungan talaga kayo. Yun lang.
  • Jhonna Pimentel-Abaja – Mayor Joy Belmonte, bakit sa Brgy Krus Na Ligas may relief na kayo sa Brgy UP Campus Wala pa
  • Virginia Alamares – Bakit dito po sa napocor village Tandang Sora Wala din amelioration galing sa gobyerno at isang besses lang nabigyan mga residente dito ng relief goods din ah😁😁😁
  • Jp Flores – Nag papasalamat po kami mayor joy belmonte kahit po isang beses Naka tanggap padin po kami. Kahit papaano. Sana wag po kayong Mag sawang tumulong taga barracks compound San BARTOLOME novaliches qc po kami
  • Matthew Cruz – Dapat gawin mo mayor magpahawa ka sa virus para sabay sabay tayo mamatay ay hindi pla ikaw lang pla mamatay kc ung 400 million binolsa muna tama lang hindi kna magpakita malaki na ang kinita mo kapal ng mokha joy
  • Glad Khalieya Kharie – Where is your vice mayor?
  • Efren Palapuz Olivas Jr. – Mayora gising mga tao mo mdad nanghuhuli mg vendor ng mga gulay baka wala kang alam sa nangyayare. Mga kinuha mong tao mga tambay na walang pinagaralan kaya kung manguha ng paninda ng taong naghihirap kinukuha pa. Gulay nlang paninda mayora baka naman may awa kayo. Mga bastos grabe kung magbanta sa mga vendor ng gulay.
  • John Christopher Morales – Madam yung dumating samin kulang kulang na sobra grabe siguro pinagdaanan ng relief goods kahit pancit canton wala,,jusmeee
  • Malouzkie Urbanozo Flores Solito – Kami sa west Fairview wala din tulip Street Lupang Biyaya.
    Kimtsui Yuki – Mayor sa barangay baesa po quezon city wla pa po kami nakukuha relief food. Dito po kami sa villa arca ave subd 1. Sana Matulungan nyo po kami salamat po
  • Arendain Colongan Sherly – Mayor joy sana po mapansen naman po kame d2 sa little baguio holy spirit qc wala pa pung dumadating na ayuda d2 sa amen gutom na po ang mga tao d2 sana naman pomatulongan nyo kame
  • Jay Lopez – Salamat po Mayor sa WALANG kilong Bigas, WALANG lata ng sardinas at WALANG piraso ng noodles. Nagugutom na po ang mga taga PAYATAS.
  • Dindo Cabiles Old balara isang beses plng ng-abot ng tulong.. 3 kg n bigas 2 delata at dalawang noodles ang laman.. 2 weeks n nakaraan.. Kelan pba kasunod!??? Pati ang mula sa DSWD? Kelan be yan at kapos n ang kagaya kong solo parent?
  • Maggie Sanapo – Bakit yong renters ninyo hindi nyo binibigyan. Maingay ang socmed dahil marami mula sa city ninyo ang nagrereklamo. I hope pakinggan nyo sila. Sana you will get inspiration from other mayors in NCR.
  • Jennifer Damayo – Maraming salamat po sa binigay mo mga relief goods at isa pa sa solo parents po maraming-maraming salAmT talaga and gudblesss u.
  • Ethan Wampipti – asan kna mayora bulok mong sistema hintayin mo pa mag rally mga taga batasan hills bago ka kumilos
  • Angel Salonn Medes – Ginamit mo pa kadamay Mayor, magtrabaho ka naman… ayan tuloy nag rally na mga tao :))
  • Donna Dee Cee – Mayor anu na waiting kami dito sa brgy. fairview
  • Ester Torregosa – Mlapit ng matapos quarantine dipa kmi nbigyan ng tulong nyo
  • Riel Abanil Medina Jr. – Slamat mayor naambunan na kami dito sa campo uno talipapa kanina. God bless mayor
  • Margaret Alcala Tandogon – Tama walang ayuda natatangap ang mga taga Bagong Pagasa kung namigay man piling pili lng cguro ang nakatangap marami nagugutom s Pagasa
  • Joan May Marcos Rapiz – D2 din po s ibo road brgy batasan hills qc wala p din po natatanggap…
  • Victoria Lopez – I think kelangan nyo na i check yung mga brgy kung nagagawa ba nila yung dapat sa krisis na ito, its been 18 days ni isang tulong from any LGU’s wala pa kme natatanggap parang di kme kasali sa community i do understand malaki ang qc or even brgy batasan were i live if di po kasi kaya sa street namin kahit kme mag repack for us meron lang nka bantay at least para makatulong ..
  • Regina Penuelo – Grabe naman. Kayo gusto. Nyo agad nasa inyo. Kaagad sa Dani natin syempre. Inaayos pa hintay hintay Lang. Naman Hindi sya may magic para lahat sabay say ibigay ganito nanga. Mundo Ng huhusga nakayo
  • Catherine Lambus – Kanina po naglista dito ng mabibigyan ng relief goods 2 pamilya po kami sa isang bahay, isang name lang po ang nilista sabi ng purok leader marami naman daw ibibigay kaya maghati nalang daw , Tama po ba ito????
  • Rhea Rose Dwenyas – mayora dito po sa payatas iloilo street wala hong nakarating simula nung batch 1 , 2 batch 3 na po pero bakit hanggang ngaun wala pa ren ho
  • Michael Mangalus Oh ngyn alm nyo n sa sunod kng cnu iboboto nyo ha mga mare at pare
  • Jennifer Guadalupe Inciong – Thank very much for the food packs Mayor Joy Belmonte, from brgy San Martin de porres Cubao. Malaking bagay po ang pinadalang tulong sa amin .
    19 joy no