Duterte: Philippine Daily Inquirer nagunguna sa PAGBANAT sa DENR at Secretary Gina Lopez. MINING COMPANY OWNER asawa ang PDI OWNER.

Huwag na po kayo magtaka kung bakit ONE-SIDED ang mga artikulo ng PDI pabor sa MAPANIRANG MINING COMPANIES. Una, pansinin ninyo na hindi sinaad ang pananaw ni Secretary Lopez at ng DENR. Pangalawa, dahil mayari ng mining company at tagapagsalita ng industriya ng minahan ay asawa naman ng mayari ng PDI, dapat may tinatawag na FULL DISCLOSURE kung saan isusulat ang relasyon ng dalawa para makita ng mga babasa ng pahayagan at malaman nila kung saan nanggagaling ang galit at suklam ng pagkasulat ng istorya. Ang PDI ay matinding kumalaban sa kandidatura ni dating Mayor Duterte nuong 2016 sa Presidential campaign. Patuloy ang pagtuligsa ng PDI kay Presidente Duterte sa maraming isyu katulad ng War on Drugs, Death Penalty at Mining.



Industry outraged over cancellation of 75 mining deals
Threat to $22B worth of projects

By: Ronnel W. Domingo
Philippine Daily Inquirer  February 16, 2017
Mining companies voiced outrage on Wednesday over Environment Secretary Gina Lopez’s decision to cancel 75 mining contracts, days after she ordered 23 mines shut and five other suspended.

The Chamber of Mines of the Philippines said it would fight Lopez’s decision, warning it threatened $22 billion worth of projects.

The contracts are for projects in the pipeline but are not yet operating.

“She’s out to kill the industry. We do not see a future for us under her,” said Ronald Recidoro, the chamber’s vice president for legal and policy affairs.

Lopez’s decision has put the government at risk of spending “several billions of dollars” in taxpayer money should the mining companies go to court and sue for full reimbursement of their investments, according to Dante Bravo, president of Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc. and its subsidiary, Platinum Group Metals Corp.

“Under the law, there is an investment guarantee,” Bravo told a news forum in Quezon City on Wednesday. “Congress will have to pass a law to pay for this damage or for the return of investment for all the mining companies affected.” —WITH A REPORT FROM AFP


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2 Responses

  1. bonicharlie plamo

    God will always favor the Duterte’s administration dahil kinikilala at sumasampalTaya ang ating presidente sa Diyos God says in his word ‘anyone who trust in me never put to shame’ and i believed that in this presence administration will lead the people of the philippine to a moral value of living.


  2. Anonymous

    The writer, who is obviously under the payroll of mining companies, shows his utter insensitivity to the plight of poor filipinos, especially, the indigenous people. His stupid claim that Gina Lopez is out to kill the mining industry is a hundred times BETTER to kill the mining industry that destroys the environment than to kill our people.


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