Duterte: PSG member assigned to DOJ Sec De Lima confirms SEX VIDEOS of De Lima and Dayan, LOVE TRIANGLE of De Lima, Dayan and Cristobal (MMDA)

House of Representatives probe on the New Bilibid Prison DRUG TRAFFICKING case  – first witness, PSG member assigned to the DOJ Secretary De Lima. De Lima and Dayan were “sweet” to each other with De Lima feeding Dayan BANANAS (“nagsusubuan ng saging”). De Lima purchased cigarettes and liquor for Dayan. De Lima also bought Ronnie BARONG TAGALOGS (Filipino native wear) and SHOES. On out of town trips (usually Pangasinan, home province of Dayan and Bicol, home region of De Lima), Dayan and De Lima SLEPT in the same room. The witness was able to view TWO SEX VIDEOS of De Lima and Dayan, the first being a SHOWER SCENE and the second with then DOJ Secretary De Lima doing a BJ (the EXACT DESCRIPTION of the witness) on Dayan. Trouble started with the assignment of Warren Cristobal of the MMDA to the DOJ Secretary team. Ronnie Dayan was JEALOUS of Cristobal and Dayan was ULTIMATELY REMOVED from the DOJ Secretary security detail. Cristobal assumed the administrative roles of Dayan.  #Duterte #DeLima #DriverLover #BastaDriverSweetLover

de lima pahiram ng driver






https://duterte2016.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/duterte-says-de-lima-is-screwing-her-driver-de-lima-is-screwing-the-nation/  PHOTO shows the MATRIX initially revealed by President Duterte.






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