Duterte: Senate Coup De Etat -De Lima could be KICKED OUT as Chair of the Committee on Justice

Share Share Share – Breaking News: Senator Pacquiao moves to declare the positions in the Senate Committee on Justice VACANT paving the way for the possible REMOVAL of Committee Chair Senator De Lima. Previous events. Cayetano Speech. De Lima Walkout. She says she can not stand it (Cayetano speech). She also stated that the KILLINGS are destroying the image of the country and not her investigation. Trillanes Walkout.#KnockoutKaDeLima #Duterte2016 #Duterte #WarOnDrugs #DriverLover#BastaDriverSweetLover Like Like Like —–>>>>> Duterte




Removing Senator De Lima as Chair of the Justice Committee can be interpreted as the MAJORITY PARTY (PDP-Laban) seizing control of the powerful committee that has been a pain in the neck of the Duterte Administration.

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