Duterte: DOJ Secretary CONFIRMS De Lima Deposited MILLIONS into DRIVER/BODYGUARD/LOVER Bank Account

DOJ Secretary Aguirre CONFIRMED that former DOJ Secretary, now Senator De Lima DEPOSITED MILLIONS into the bank account of Ronnie Dayan, who President Duterte identified as a De Lima LOVER and bag man who regularly collected cash from Asian DRUG Triad members currently in jail at the Bilibid National Penitentiary.  de lima driver bag#DriverLover #DeLima #TuwadNaDaan #DrugLordProtector #BastaDriverSweetLover #AsianDRUGtriad #BilibidPrison #NationalPenitentiary #DuterteWarOnDrugs









Aguirre: Bank account of ex-driver received millions from De Lima

    September 1, 2016

The bank account that allegedly received millions of pesos from Senator Leila de Lima when she was still Justice Secretary belonged to her former driver, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre III disclosed on Thursday, quoting a former employee of the senator.

Aguirre confirmed that an employee of the Department of Justice (DOJ), Jonathan “Jong” Caranto, had executed an affidavit against De Lima claiming that she had instructed him to deposit millions of pesos to the bank account of Ronnie Dayan.

Caranto was one of two employees who had allegedly executed affidavits against her. The other employee was named in some media reports as a certain Edna “Bogs” Obuyes.

Dayan, on the other hand, has been tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte as De Lima’s alleged bagman who had collected drug payoffs for her.

“Binibigyan daw sya (Caranto) ng pera ni De Lima para ideposit dun sa account ni Dayan,” Aguirre told reporters after attending a Senate hearing.

(He was allegedly given money by De Lima for him to deposit to Dayan’s account.)

The DOJ chief vehemently denied De Lima’s statement that the two employees, who worked with her when she was the Justice Secretary, were forced to execute their affidavits.

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“Merong affidavit, walang pumilit sa kanila, voluntary,” Aguirre said, adding that the two just wanted to clear their names.

(There are affidavits, no one forced them, it was voluntary.)



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  1. Anonymous

    Sana ibinegay nya lang sa mga kapos palad at mahihirap na .mama yang na filipino.saludo pa ako sa kanya.pero ngayon wala na akong tiwala sa hinayopak na senadora.mabulok ka sana sa bilibid kasama ang lover boy.haaaaa. Hahaaaa.


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