Duterte: 303 QC employees test positive, 72 more QC cops relieved (88 previously relieved)

QC Kagawads Hayes and Pamplona test POSITIVE for DRUG USE, QC 4th District Councilor Hero Bautista (brother of Mayor Bistek)bautista hero goes on LEAVE of ABSENCE after POSITIVE TEST and ADMISSION to DRUG USE

PHOTO: Quezon City Councilot Hero Bautista, brother of Mayor Bistek.

Note: Two of FIVE PNP Generals/Drug Protectors (Pagdilao and Tinio were assigned to Quezon City).



303 QC government personnel tested positive in drug testing

July 19, 2016  UPDATE.PH

A total of 303 Quezon City government personnel were found positive in recent drug testing, QC Anti Drug Abuse Advisory Council (QCADAAC) chairperson and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte announced on Tuesday Topping the list were 172 barangay public safety officers (BPSO) or “tanods” have tested positive.

The number forms part of the more than 300 barangay officials and employees which all tested positive for drug abuse based on the June 22, 2016 result submitted by QCADAAC.

“This is very alarming considering that BPSOs are the force multiplier of the police in ensuring peace and order in our communities,” Belmonte said.

Aside from the BPSOs, also tested positive are two kagawads (village councilors), 52 street sweepers or ‘paleros,’ seven barangay health workers, 15 drivers, 15 utility workers, 10 community brigade workers, 11 barangay staff, one member of the task force on youth development, three from the violence against women and children, eight from the lupon ng tagapamayapa (peace council) and seven fire volunteers.

As of June 22, of the city’s total 142 barangays, 106 underwent the drug testing. The figure represents a completion rate of 74.64 percent.

At the press conference, Belmonte disclosed that a sizeable amount of the supplemental budget of the city government would be set aside for the building of additional infrastructure for drug rehabilitation.

According to Belmonte, the request for increased funding was necessary in order for the city government to effectively implement its drug treatment and rehabilitation program, including construction of additional rehabilitation centers for drug dependents in each of the city’s six districts.

She said the city government, through QCADAAC, was spending at least Php400 a day to rehabilitate a drug user.

“This is a big investment for Quezon City,” the Vice Mayor said.

Earlier, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista unveiled the city government’s plan to build more rehabilitation centers to accommodate suspected drug personalities in the city who had agreed to voluntarily surrender to authorities and pledged to stop any involvement in the illegal drug trade.

Belmonte also disclosed that the Department of Health (DOH) has already approved the request for additional beds at the Tahanan, or the QC Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Barangay Payatas.

“Our request for additional 150 beds has already been approved by the DOH,” said Belmonte.

To date, the Tahanan has an existing bed capacity of 150.


72 QC cops sacked over alleged drug links, torture activities

Published August 15, 2016  By JOSEPH TRISTAN ROXAS, GMA News


A total of 72 police officers from the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) with alleged links to the illegal drugs trade and involvement in torture activities have been relieved from duty.

On Monday, QCPD head Chief Supt. Guillermo Eleazar presented the list in a news conference at the QCPD headquarters in Camp Karingal where 69 cops are allegedly involved in illegal drugs and three are charged in violation of the Anti-Torture Act.

The police personnel came from 11 QC police stations — the most from the Police Station 3 with 15, followed by Police Station 9 with 13,m and Police Station 10 with 10 — and one assigned to the Anti-Carnapping Unit.

National Capital Region Police Office head Chief Supt. Oscar Albayalde also joined Eleazar in the news conference.

Police Chief Inspector Armando Mariano Reyes is the highest ranking official included on the list.

Eleazar told GMA News Online that the 69 were relieved upon the recommendation of their station commanders.

“Hindi na makakatulong, may bahid na,” Eleazar said in a phone interview.

Meanwhile, Eleazar said the 72 police personnel will still be subject to investigation and validation as they abide by the directive of PNP chief  Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa to cleanse their ranks.

“In our own sound judgment, we will subject them to investigation and validation to make sure that the ongoing change we effected will be to the maximum, to attain the change expected by all of us, so that the people of Quezon City will feel more secure about their police,” he said in the conference.

The relieved personnel will be re-assigned to the District Headquarters Support Unit in Camp Karingal where “floating” police officers are assigned.

“Since due process is mandatory for dismissing these personnel, assigning them to menial tasks within QCPD Headquarters in the meantime, is in line with the mandate of our Chief PNP, and directives from our [Regional Director] Albayade,” Eleazar said.

Last July, 88 members of the anti-illegal drugs division of the QCPD were also relieved from duty over their alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

Eleazar said 17 of the 88 have been cleared of any anomaly while two have been transferred to the PNP Personnel Holding and Accounting Office in Camp Crame.

“Investigation continues on the remaining 69 personnel from the original 88 who were relieved last July, and will be conducted with the same thoroughness on the 72 additional personnel for a total of 141 personnel,” Eleazar said.

“We assure the people of QC, as well as our President and PNP Chief, that those found guilty will be dismissed from service. We will file appropriate charges and dismissal proceedings immediately,” he added.

Eleazar mentioned that police personnel cleared of any illegal drug involvement or any anomaly will undergo a three-month re-training and re-orientation program to reshape their attitudes towards police service. — RSJ, GMA News


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