Ateneo SHOOTING – 3 dead and at least one wounded

Mayor Rose Furigay of Lamitan, Basilan and her bodyguard were shot and killed while going out of their bulletproof vehicle at the Ateneo Law School graduation in Katipunan. A responding Ateneo security guard was also killed. Seriously injured is the mayor’s daughter who is among the graduates.

At least two suspected gunmen carried out the assassination. Both arrived at the scene of the crime in a motorcycle(s?) and waited for the victims to get out of their vehicle. This was near Gate 3 of Ateneo and they escaped on foot to cross Katipunan Avenue and walked/ran in the the vicinity of the Varsity Hills subdivision. A private vehicle was forcibly taken and rammed into the subdivision’s De La Rosa gate. One suspect was captured in Aurora Boulevard by pursuing policemen.

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