Ateneo SHOOTING suspect Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol was a pro-poor medical physician who leveled up to become an anti-crime and anti-drugs crusader in Lapitan, Basilan

Based on his social media postings through the years, Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol was an idealistic and patriotic member of the medical profession. Instead of opting to serve foreign masters in the Land of Milk and Honey where most Filipino doctors, nurses and other health professionals dream of going, he chose to be of service in the rural areas to cater to the poor. Free clinics and home visits to shanties were normal for him. At some point he made the transition from trying to cure individual patients to attempting to correct social ills which got him into trouble. Dozens of cyberlibel cases were dumped upon him after his exposes against the Lapitan local government. He then tried the legal route by filing a case against PACC Commissioner Belgica for what he perceived as coddling of drug lords in Lapitan. He was unsuccessfully ambushed for a reported three times and he probably knew that he was a marked man. People subjected to such severe treatment in an anti corruption campaign would have probably called it quits and resettled in Metro Manila or gone abroad. But Dr. Yumol is made of sterner stuff so he plotted a preemptive strike. More of a suicide mission actually. He struck a blow that would forever change Philippine history. The courts would have the final say on his act of taking the law into own hands.

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