Father of Ateneo shooting suspect KILLED

MANILA, Philippines (July 29,2022) Philippine Star — The father of Chao Tiao-Yumol was shot in front of his home in Brgy. Maganda, Lamitan City, Basilan on Friday morning. 

The killing happened five days after the younger Yumol on Sunday afternoon infiltrated the graduation of the Ateneo Law School shot dead former mayor Rosita Furigay of Lamitan City; her aide, Victor Capistrano, and Ateneo security guard Jeneven Bandiala. 

File photo – Ateneo shooting suspect, today his father was killed

Ateneo SHOOTING suspect Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol was a pro-poor medical physician who leveled up to become an anti-crime and anti-drugs crusader in Lapitan, Basilan

Based on his social media postings through the years, Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol was an idealistic and patriotic member of the medical profession. Instead of opting to serve foreign masters in the Land of Milk and Honey where most Filipino doctors, nurses and other health professionals dream of going, he chose to be of service in the rural areas to cater to the poor. Free clinics and home visits to shanties were normal for him. At some point he made the transition from trying to cure individual patients to attempting to correct social ills which got him into trouble. Dozens of cyberlibel cases were dumped upon him after his exposes against the Lapitan local government. He then tried the legal route by filing a case against PACC Commissioner Belgica for what he perceived as coddling of drug lords in Lapitan. He was unsuccessfully ambushed for a reported three times and he probably knew that he was a marked man. People subjected to such severe treatment in an anti corruption campaign would have probably called it quits and resettled in Metro Manila or gone abroad. But Dr. Yumol is made of sterner stuff so he plotted a preemptive strike. More of a suicide mission actually. He struck a blow that would forever change Philippine history. The courts would have the final say on his act of taking the law into own hands.

Ateneo SHOOTING suspect Dr. Chao Tiao Yumol is an anti-crime and anti drugs crusader in Lapitan, Basilan


The police arrested the suspect, identified as Dr.Chao Tiao Yumol, 38, a resident of Lamitan City. Recovered from the scene was a caliber .45 pistol with silencer.


Philippine Star

January 16, 2021

Dr. Chao-Tiao Yumol and Members of the Filipino League of Advocates for Good Governance – Maharlika filed a graft and corruption charge against PACC Commissioner Greco Belgica before the Office of the Ombudsman for allegedly protecting people connected to illegal drugs on Wednesday.


Doc escapes slay attempt in Zamboanga

By Al Jacinto, The Manila Times

December 14, 2020

ZAMBOANGA CITY: A medical doctor in Basilan province survived a gun attack in the southern Philippine port city of Zamboanga, and on Friday, the police launched an investigation into the attempted murder. Before midnight on Thursday, Dr. Chao-Tiao Yumol was driving his car with three passengers when motorcycle-riding gunmen opened fire on his vehicle, but a bulletproof curtain, hanging by his side, saved his life. “That bulletproof curtain, which I improvised, saved my life. I could have been shot in the chest,” he said. Yumol told the police that one of the attackers was attempting to shoot him again, but the gun jammed, and the ambushers fled on a motorcycle. “I saw him trying to shoot again, but his gun apparently jammed,” he said. When police asked the 36-year-old doctor the probable motives for the attack, Yumol replied, “It is political,” but did not elaborate. Yumol said they were going home when the gunmen, who were waiting for them on a road in Lunzuran village, attacked his car. “I did not see their faces. They were both wearing motorcycle helmets and clad in jackets. They are medium-built,” he added, describing to the police the attackers’ physical appearance. Police investigators recovered an empty shell and one slug of a suspected .45-caliber pistol from the area. “A thorough investigation is still being conducted by Zamboanga City police Station Five for the possible identification and immediate arrest of the suspects,” Cpt. Edwin Duco, a regional police spokesman, said.

Ateneo SHOOTING – 3 dead and at least one wounded

Mayor Rose Furigay of Lamitan, Basilan and her bodyguard were shot and killed while going out of their bulletproof vehicle at the Ateneo Law School graduation in Katipunan. A responding Ateneo security guard was also killed. Seriously injured is the mayor’s daughter who is among the graduates.

At least two suspected gunmen carried out the assassination. Both arrived at the scene of the crime in a motorcycle(s?) and waited for the victims to get out of their vehicle. This was near Gate 3 of Ateneo and they escaped on foot to cross Katipunan Avenue and walked/ran in the the vicinity of the Varsity Hills subdivision. A private vehicle was forcibly taken and rammed into the subdivision’s De La Rosa gate. One suspect was captured in Aurora Boulevard by pursuing policemen.