VIRAL post – 757,972 people reached in one day: SMC’s Ramon S. Ang (RSA) is the most respected Philippine industrialist

Among the richest people in the Philippines is Ramon S. Ang, more commonly known for his RSA initials. He is the leader of San Miguel Corporation with its subsidiaries Petron, San Miguel Brewery, Magnolia, B-Meg and companies in power generation, packaging, food, beverages, investments and many others. SMC is also involved in the New Manila International Airport being built in Bulacan.

RSA is not your typical low key industrialist who seldom makes headlines because RSA is highly quotable, controversial at times but always straight to the point. His mammoth projects speak volumes about his grand vision and how the Philippines can become much more competitive in the international arena. What really sets RSA apart from fellow rich businessmen is that he consistently delivers the punch line that profit is secondary to service to the community. SMC and RSA have been at the forefront in aid distribution during the pandemic where lots of people lost jobs and opportunities to earn a living. His environmental initiative in cleaning up the Marikina and Pasig Rivers will go a long way in reducing death and destruction due to seasonal floods and improve the quality of the water in the rivers formerly classified as biologically dead.