COVID 19 Quarantine Rhian Ramos Beauty and Brains Interview

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Rhian Ramos on quarantine life: You don’t know what you have until it’s gone
By: Rito P. Asilo – Philippine Daily Inquirer
April 23, 2020

“Now, I’m not just grateful for the little things— I long for them!”

Despite our years of experience as a writer and editor, the task of interviewing Tinseltown’s most popular celebrities hasn’t always been a walk in the park for us.

As we quickly realized 25 years ago (when we began contributing articles to the Saturday Special section of the Inquirer), eloquence doesn’t always come with beauty, or even talent. For the most part, that’s OK—after all, you can’t have everything.

But Rhian Ramos is the stellar exception that proves the desultory rule—as her answers in this interview demonstrate.

We’ve not really had a lot of chats with the Kapuso network’s strikingly lovely actress. But the few times we did, those interviews—whether for prearranged one-on-one talks or during chance meetings at the airport in between flights—always proved more than satisfying. They’re never “time-wasters.”

Spurring a significant part of Rhian’s candor is a witty mind that puts a lot of thought into any question thrown her way, regardless of the lightness or urgency of the topic.

Rhian, after all, isn’t just intelligent—unlike many celebrities we’ve met through the years who utilize their “intelligence” to evade sensitive questions. So, we always tell GMA 7’s Corporate Communications why Rhian remains to be one of our favorite interviews: Her answers are never boring nor generic.

In this quick Q&A, we asked how quarantine life has been treating Rhian more than a month after the lockdown began:

How has this period of isolation changed you and your view of life?

You know how they say, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”? Now, I’m not just grateful for the little things—I long for them!

Earlier today, I went outside to sit under the sun, which I haven’t done in a month. A woman from our building’s staff politely asked me to go back to my unit. I nodded, then cried a little, and went back in. She must’ve thought I was nuts!

What do you like about it? And what’s frustrating?

I’ve always liked being alone. Given choices, I would probably live my life similarly to quarantine even. I also like that it makes you more creative with how you show love to the people you care about, like ordering food and supplies, and sending them to their homes.

But it’s hard living in the city and not being able to go outside, feel the sun, or grass on your feet. I miss that.

What do you look forward to doing when the enhanced community quarantine is over?

Working out with a group, hugging my mom and sister … just hugs, in general. Also, shaking people’s hands, the beach hopefully, seeing certain people I work with (my second family)—and [wearing] heels!

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