QC is the WUHAN CITY of the Philippines, 19% of national total, 942 confirmed positive cases out of 4932

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QC – Covid 19 Capital of the Philippines. Incompetence. PALPAK. Joy Para sa Bayan. Pacute pa more.

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DOH: 60 deaths, 64 recoveries, 942 COVID-19 cases in QC

Jervis Manahan, ABS-CBN News

April 14, 2020 


Total recoveries of the novel coronavirus in Quezon City have outnumbered the number of total deaths, as confirmed by the city’s health department on Monday.

As of April 13, there are 64 total recoveries in the city while recording a total of 60 deaths.

However, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city has continued to soar.

Based from data from the Department of Health, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quezon City reached 942 as of Monday.

Meanwhile, the local government also reported that the HOPE 1 quarantine facility they have established is now at full capacity with 23 confirmed cases and 17 probable cases.

Their HOPE 2 facilities have 91 more beds that can accommodate patients in case the numbers continue to rise in the coming days.

On the first day of community-based COVID19 testing, 167 people from various parts of the city took part in the pilot stage of the program.

The testing area in the Quezon Memorial Circle has facilities for swabbing, blood testing, and x-rays.

The local government officials said people who want to be tested may coordinate with their barangay health officials for a preliminary interview and evaluation.

City Mayor Joy Belmonte also issued an order against the rejection of COVID-19 deaths in funeral homes. This comes after reports of funeral homes refusing to process cadavers from either suspected or confirmed COVID19-related deaths.

The ordinance also prohibits increase in crematory and funeral service fees.

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  1. clarita sibayan jacobs

    Do something mayor,be stricked to the rules and be firmed bago lumaganap ang virus sa nasasakupan mo.kayong mga kababayan huwag pasaway.this is serious ☹️buhay natin nakataya dito


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