Quezon City CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE prompt President Duterte to transfer cash and goods distribution from LGUs to DSWD

A quarantine related request for food assistance rally by an urban poor community in San Roque, Barangay Pagasa in Quezon City ended in a VIOLENT DISPERSAL and President Duterte, citing corruption by  Local Government Units in handling cash dole outs and  food packs centralized said distribution to the Department of Social Work and Development. Metro Manila is now on its third week of LOCKDOWN to contain the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. Problems have arisen due to the majority of the working population stuck in a no work no pay policy while the informal economy is frozen due to travel restrictions. Food is getting scare at the same time there is not much money going around. Few Filipinos have cash saved for a rainy day since most Pinoys live on a hand to mouth existence. President Duterte ordered local government units to provide emergency food assistance and the ugly head of corruption once again showed up. In Quezon City, complaints of favoritism abound with the mayor herself caught by cameras handing out heavy food packs to people living in houses with steel gates and garages. The poorest of the poor, on the other hand, are frustrated that no aid has arrived or, if given, then the supply is not enough to sustain their families. Barangay officials have also been accused of favoring some of their constituents while ignoring others, mainly supporters of their political rivals. Another issue is the use of the voters’ list to determine who gets to receive food packs and/or cash assistance. It is public knowledge that many who live and/or work in Metro Manila may still be registered voters in their places of birth (hometown).

du30 to dswd



April 1, 2020


Ngayon, tinanggal ko sa politiko kasi maraming reklamo. Tinanggal ko sa politiko ‘yung distribution ng pera pati ang bigas na pagkain. Ibinigay ko kay Secretary Bautista lahat na ‘yan kasi itong DSWD may sariling distribution network na ‘yan, ‘yung Pantawid. So meron. Idagdag na lang nila doon sa matatanggap doon sa recipient ng Pantawid.

Idagdag mo na lang ang pera na ‘yan doon sa kanila kasi kanila ‘yan. Iyong pera na ‘yan, inyo ‘yan. Kaya lang hindi ko man maibibigay lahat unevenly kaya ako na ang — kami na sa gobyerno ang mag-ano mag dis — distribute pati to determine how much.

Huwag kayong — huwag kayong… Do not entertain doubts about dishonesty and corruption. Hindi panahon na ‘yan ngayon. Not this time. Ako mismo nagsasabi.

Kasi ‘yung iba nagdi-distribute kina-cutting. Instead of seven gawain ninyong five doon sa itaas sa repacking. Kaya ngayon DSWD na at ‘yung pera DSWD pati si Secretary Galvez.

Naintindihan ninyo ‘yan? Wala na kayong pakialam. Tinanggal ko na ang politiko. Puro na ito sa gobyerno. Mga military ito pero retired. Civilian na ‘yan.

Iyong mga goods, bigas, kung ano pang iba ibigay ng gobyerno, bilisan ninyo at pagkain ‘yan. At meron tayo sabi ko, mayroon tayong ginawang mga hakbang na to sustain us but only if there is order in the society. Kasi ‘pag magulo, walang order, walang distribution na mangyari kasi inaagaw, ina-ambush.

Kaya mapipilitan ako na sabihin: Huwag na huwag ninyong gawin ‘yan kasi I will not hesitate to order to shoot you.‘Yun namang mga repacking, well anyway it’s DSWD. But everybody else connected with the exercise of preparing the food and money, huwag ninyong kaltasan, huwag ninyong kunan.I will not — hindi ko kayo…

Huhulihin ko kayo and I will detain you. Makalabas lang kayo pagkatapos ng COVID kung dadating.Kung may — walang magdating na pang-kontra ng COVID, then hanggang matapos itong mundong ito diyan ka sa kulungan.

‘Yan ang gusto mo, nag-warning na ako gagawain mo pa rin. Eh ‘di gusto mo. Hiningi mo ‘yan eh. Hiningi mo ‘yan.Ang pera, dadating. Ang pagkain dadating, huwag lang kayong magulo para smooth — sa Bisaya pa, hapsay. Ayaw og hadloka ang gobyerno. Do not intimidate government. Do not challenge government. Matatalo kayo, sigurado.

Magtiis na lang siguro kayo ng delayed delivery pero dadating ‘yan at hindi ka magugutom. Hindi ka mamamatay sa gutom.

Ulitin ko: Ngayon, DSWD na kasi sanay na sila sa distribution ng pera pati bigas. Secretary Galvez will help in the distribution of the money or he can handle the distribution of the money while leaving Secretary Bautista to attend to other matters.

‘Yan ang warning ko sa inyo ha. ‘Yung distribution, huwag ninyong i-delay. Huwag ninyong — sabi ko.Meron na akong ipinakulong kung makinig kayo sa radyo. At ‘yung sa TV, baka magkamali ako. Baka lang magkamali ako. This is the caveat: Baka magkamali ako. May nakita akong traffic enforcer na lumapit siya doon sa tricycle na puno ng goodies at pinilit niyang kinuha ‘yung isang balot at lumakad siya.

I don’t know if it was a joke or if he really — it was really intended for him, inuna lang niya. Pero kung pinilit niyang kinuha ala nakaw. Nakita ko sa ABS-CBN and na-retrieve ko ‘yung — na-retrieve ko ‘yung footage, ipakulong ko siya.

Kasali rin siya doon sa ano. Kayong mga Kadamay, hindi — walang, wala nang awa-awa. Diyan na kayo. Ang nahuli, wala.I will not tolerate ‘yang sabihin mo na bitawan mga politiko, bitawan.

Do not play hero at this time because you would abet or is it that word — to encourage people to violate the law. Now is the time to set an example to everybody.

Hindi kasi ako sanay ng takut-takutin mo. Not me.So let this be a warning to all. Follow government at this time because it is really critical that we have order. And do not harm the health workers, the doctors, and everything because that is a serious crime.


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