COVID 19 – Philippine Heart Center MD, Cardiology Fellow dies

19 heart center rip

Doc (name will not be mentioned here) died at the young age of 34. He had a bright future ahead of him. Spending most of his life studying (grade school, high school, college, college of medicine, residency in Internal Medicine and at the time of his death, as Philippine Heart Center fellow in Cardiology), he was almost at the end of his academic pursuit.

Then he contracted the COVID 19 virus during the course of his work and the doctor became a patient too. Breathing difficulties. Respirator. Cardiac arrest. Cremation. There were 39 PHC staff members initially placed on quarantine, this one is gone while others are still fighting for their lives.

It is the sworn duty of health workers to save lives. In particularly grave situations like this pandemic, health workers put their own lives at risk in an effort to cure the sick and bring back patients to their healthy states.

The Department of Health confirmed 380 COVID 19 cases with 25 deaths. DOH called on the public to be vigilant and practice personal preventive measures such as proper hand hygiene, social distancing, and cough etiquette.

DOH also called on people to refrain from visiting public places and/or attending mass gatherings.

China seems to have controlled the problem at this stage while Italy, Spain, Germany, the United States, Iran and France are the new centers of massive spread.


Husband and wife physician frontliner anesthesiologists – man dies, woman also positive for COVID 19


Blog post predicted number of RP COVID 19 cases – 300 by week ended March 21; still to happen is 1000 total cases by week ending March 28


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