BOOM or BUST: Leni drug war disclosure

After a humiliating dismissal from her Drug Czar assignment, VP Robredo came out firing and threatened to spill the beans on the Duterte Administration about her alleged findings during her short (18 days) stint at running the campaign against illegal drugs.

leni ulat

She wants to make us believe that she gained access to sensitive information and that she would be making recommendations. Of course, she can not help herself from denouncing the President, as in (according to her), he has not read two of her reports previously submitted to the Chief Executive.

The question of timing her blockbuster revelation is certainly working against the Vice President. Usually, she should have taken the initiative for a tell all press conference. If not during her first post removal speech (where she said she would reveal her findings at a later date), then immediately after, as in one to two days later, since media and public attention were still glued to her due to the two week comings and goings that led to the President finally deciding to chop her off the Drug War.

Now we have the Southeast Asian Games where the Yellow media committed one fumble after another by manufacturing FAKE NEWS. Whether there is a conspiracy to put the country in bad light or mainstream media is simply exposing its utter stupidity is purely academic. The important thing is that the majority of the Filipino nation consider all these errors as an affront against the Duterte Administration and the Philippines. Since the President still retains very high popularity ratings and Leni is the poster girl of the opposition, any tarring of the Yellow media would have a negative effect on her. Significantly, Leni pulled a turn around act by praising the SEA Games against common perception that she would be part of the hater and bashing bandwagon. Since the Philippines is headed to a spectacular SEA Games finish, obviously the President would reap most of the glory while the Liberal Party would have to lick its wounds as their personalities exerted great effort to put the management of the SEA Games to shame.

Then we have a strong typhoon which would focus public concern on the devastating damages. The SEA Games would be affected by postponements and changes in venue but should proceed normally after the storm has passed. Robredo issued a statement that she would disclose her discovery after the SEA Games are finished. In other words, Leni would be announcing her conclusions and recommendations at a time when the Philippines would be in a celebratory mode with Christmas just around the corner.

For the Vice President to create massive impact, she would have to name names (the closer to the Duterte Administration, the better for her) but if she deals with generalities like the conduct of drug raids that resulted in deaths, then Leni would be exposed to charges of whetting the appetite of the public without substantial information to back up her claims.


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