The Fall of the Erap Dynasty

Two Ejercito Estradas running for senator, both sons of Erap, both senators (Jinggoy Estrada come backing, JV Ejercito running for re-election). Both failed to make it with 12 vacant positions available. Erap was running for a third term as mayor of the city of Manila but failed. His grandaughter (daughter of Jinggoy was incumbent vice mayor and was all set to replace third term mayor Guia Gomez, mother of JV) ran for mayor of the city of San Juan but also lost.

What happened? Erap and his relatives have controlled San Juan for 50 years until this turn of events, losing to their former allies, the Zamoras. In Manila, Erap lost to former ally, Isko Moreno. The Erap dynasty has produced four national personalities with Erap as senator, Vice President and President while wife Loi became senator and children Jinggoy (son of Loi) and JV (son of Guia) became senators.

After being found guilty of PLUNDER, post EDSA 2 and a prolonged HOSPITAL ARREST, Erap was PARDONED by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Erap ran for President in 2010 but lost to Noynoy Aquino. In 2013 and 2016, Erap won as mayor of the city of Manila in a classic expansion to an adjacent territory at the same time that the Gomez side of his family retained control of San Juan.

Jinggoy is currently facing graft and corruption charges and also spent years in detention but was able to go out on bail.

Political analysts were quick to point out that the Erap move to Manila divided their family and the inability to convince Jinggoy to run for San Juan mayor instead of having two Estradas in the Senate race doomed the fate of the Erap DYNASTY. Theoretically, since there were 12 vacant positions, both could have won but the entry of close allies of President Duterte (Special Assistant Bong Go, former PNP Chief Bato De La Rosa and National Political Adviser Francis Tolentino) who all won got their victories at the expense of incumbent or former senators (JV Ejercito, Bam Aquino, Jinggoy Estrada, Mar Roxas, Serge Osmena and Juan Ponce Enrile).

Is a comeback still possible? For Erap, it might be time for him to hang his political gloves as he is already in his eighties. For the city of San Juan an unlikely but possible alliance between the Jinggoy Estrada faction and the Guia Gomez – JV Ejercito branch of the Erap dynasty could put them back in the local government unit against the Zamoras. However, at this time outgoing mayor Guia Gomez may more comfortably work with the Zamoras than with Jinggoy.

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