Duterte: Social Media Warriors NEEDED

Share Share Share – Breaking News: 1. Like this Duterte FB support page, INVITE 100 of your friends per day to Like this page (an average of 20% will actually Like it)
2. Share Share Share posts in this page (personal wall, walls of friends that are Pro-Duterte, group chat, PM, groups, email and fan pages where you have admin roles).
3. Make or copy/paste posters and submit them here so we can distribute them.
4. Post, comment, Like and be active in FB fan pages and groups. We will suggest FB groups and fan pages that need greater participation and activity.
5. Monitor the growth of this Page. Our first target is 1,000 Likes (reached on the THIRD DAY of this page). NEXT TARGET is 5,000 Likes. With your help we may reach 5k in one to 2 weeks.

Like Like Like —->>>> https://www.facebook.com/DuterteMediaWarriors/


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