Duterte CLEARS 3 in Pangasinan – NBP DRUG SYNDICATE

President Duterte cleared former Pangasinan Governor, now Congressman Amado Espino, Provincial Administrator Raffy Baraan and Provincial Board Member Raul Sison from DRUG TRAFFICKING allegations. Raffy’s brother, former Department of Justice Undersecretary Toti Baraan, former Secretary of Justice, now Senator Leila De Lima, De Lima’s DRIVER/LOVER Bagman Ronnie Dayan and former Bureau of Corrections General Franklin Bucayu would still be facing NON-BAILABLE DRUG-RELATED CHARGES. Ronnie Dayan’s name is being FLOATED as a possible STATE WITNESS against De Lima et al. #DeLima #DriverLover #Duterte #WarOnDrugs #BastaDriverSweetLover #DriverLover #WalangForever  pnp-nbp-matrix


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