Duterte: Rockstar Witness Colangco DEMOLISHES De Lima

More credible than De Lima’s Matobato Senate Justice Committee  witness, the House of Representatives opened with a BANG with Herbert Colangco giving a CONVINCING testimony. Colangco admitted to giving then Secretary of Justice Leila De Lima PHP 3 MILLION per month aside from PHP 1 MILLION for every Colangco concert which were held twice a month. Colangco was able to talk to De Lima thru cell phone and Colangco was given De Lima’s Department of Justice issued cell phone with number 09178421931. The current DOJ verified the number and confirmed that said phone was being paid for by the DOJ and assigned to then Secretary De Lima. Cebu Congresswoman Gwen Garcia then dialed the number and the name of Leila De Lima appeared corresponding to the number that Colangco revealed. During one of the collection runs of De Lima’s bagmen (Jonel Sanchez and Driver/Lover Ronnie Dayan), Jonel asked Colangco for gasoline and food money (PHP 20 THOUSAND). Colangco was surprised that the bagman had the temerity to ask money from him when he was already handing over PHP 5 MILLION for that Bilibid visit. Colangco compromised with the amount of PHP 5 THOUSAND for gas. The money was sent using the Palawan Express Pera Padala for which Colangco has a receipt with the name of Jonel as the recipient.pnp-colangco-wow





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