Duterte: DOJ Secretary CONFIRMS De Lima Deposited MONEY into DRIVER/BODYGUARD/LOVER Bank Account

DOJ Secretary Aguirre CONFIRMED that former DOJ Secretary, now Senator De Lima DEPOSITED MONEY into the bank account of Ronnie Dayan, who President Duterte identified as a De Lima LOVER and bag man who regularly collected cash from Asian DRUG Triad members currently in jail at the Bilibid National Penitentiary.  PHP 24 MILLION in cash deposits, when De Lima was still DOJ Secretary, to the account of a DOJ staff member is awaiting confirmation. #DriverLover #DeLima #TuwadNaDaan #DrugLordProtector #BastaDriverSweetLover #AsianDRUGtriad #BilibidPrison #NationalPenitentiary #DuterteWarOnDrugs

Aguirre says P24-M DOJ deposits are premature info

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