Masks SAVE LIVES. STUPID DoH/IATF guidelines DISCOURAGE citizens from wearing face masks in public.

Do you notice that STUPID Department of Health officials consistently and persistently emphasize the point that it is unnecessary for citizens who are not sick to wear face masks in public? Their recommendation is for symptomatic individuals to wear face masks so as to prevent others from getting contaminated. That is good, of course. The problem is that there are asymptomatic carriers, thus they are not obliged to wear face masks only because they are not even aware that they have the disease. Then there are symptomatic people who are in denial so they feel they do not need to wear face masks. Then there are irresponsible people who are symptomatic but could not care less on why they should be wearing face masks. In other words, we are at the mercy of all these people coughing and sneezing all over the place. Since we have no control over their actions, there is one thing we can control and that is our own actions. If we wear face masks, the chances of us being infected are much smaller compared to the people at the same time and place where we are but do not wear face masks. 

The STUPID health officials actually miss a very important point. By recommending mandatory face mask use, they will be inculcating the concept that everyone is responsible for his own protection and health. But no, our so-called experts cry out loud that face masks should be reserved for health care frontliners and patients. They sorely miss the point that the country, the communities, families and friends can actually manufacture their own face masks. True, the materials used may not be at par with the commercial face masks, but, mind you, in a time of scarcity and emergency even home made face masks will have some protective value.

Next time you watch a TV interview, program or press conference, look at the audience with them and count the number of people wearing face masks because if there are many of them, it only means the dumb health officials in front of the microphone have no credibility since the press people right there wearing masks do not actually believe what our pseudo-experts are saying.


Wearing face masks in supermarkets, drugstores: not mandatory —IATF

Aileen Cerrudo (UNTV News)

March 24, 2020

19 masks 2

Wearing face masks in supermarkets, drug stores, and other establishments is not mandatory, according to the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF).

The IATF on Emerging Infectious Diseases clarified that wearing face masks before entering supermarkets is not part of their implemented guidelines.

Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles said they received reports where customers were not allowed to enter a supermarket for not wearing face masks.

Nograles said their guidelines state to strictly follow social distancing.

Ang rules lang namin ay magkaroon lamang ng social distancing sa mga supermarkets. So ganoon na lang po ang sundin natin (Our rule is to practice social distancing in supermarkets. So that is what we should follow),” he said.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Secretary said it is for the management of the supermarket to decide how many customers they will allow entry and still comply with the social distancing guidelines.

Made-determine naman ng mga supermarkets kung ilan ang pwede nilang papasukin to make sure na may social distancing sa loob (The supermarkets can determine how many they will allow to enter to make sure there is social distancing inside),” said Nograles. —AAC (with reports from Rosalie Coz)

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