Leni – “there is no freaken way YOU will ever be President- if the TRUE voice of the Filipino were to be heard.” quote from PCOO Usec Badoy

What happened during the past two years, there is a lot of shaping up to do as far as culture of governance is concerned. Bringing back decency to public service, regaining the trust of the people, and unifying the entire Filipino nation,” Robredo said.

The Vice President told Makati businessmen that Filipinos have become too “polarized” and it will be “difficult” for the next president to govern the country if the people remain divided.”

No madam, WRONG.

The indecency you speak of in public service happened before Rodrigo Duterte sat in office. Care for us to run through the laundry list of crimes your gang committed against the Filipino people and for which the trust of the Filipino people against the dilaws are so well known that even your front runners refuse to wear your color? LOL.

Off the top of my head and just bec it’s a Saturday and I’m working: Madam, let’s just concentrate on these two: MAMASAPANO, YOLANDA. Dyan lang sa dalawang yan, tapos na ang boksing.

Ano pa pag nalaman ng mamamayang Pilipino ang mga natutuklasan naming mga kabalastugan ng nagdaang administrasyon na nakakangilabot sa pagkawalang hiya?

And wrong again, Leni.
United–that’s what the Filipino people are.

We have never been as united as we are now- AND AGAINST YOU AND YOUR GANG AND ALL YOU STAND FOR: incompetence, indifference, corruption, phoniness, empty, fluff.

The latest survey shows that the overwhelming majority of Filipinos- a full 70% after over 2 years in office- continue to support and approve of our President. Never before has any Filipino president enjoyed this much trust and approval from the people they serve.

Our President is taking our country forward where you and your ilk have done nothing but destroy all that is sacred to us and then preserve the rotten status quo where millions of Filipinos have been left behind.

As the much beloved Steven Sackur (much beloved by me, for instance lol) observed, Pres Duterte enjoys approval ratings that are the envy of other world leaders.

You, on the other hand, have a grade of 34%. 

Oh Leni, Leni, Leni…no worries about the tough time the next President is going to have because there is no freaken way YOU will ever be President- if the TRUE voice of the Filipino were to be heard.

So if I were you, fade away and just do what you do best: pictorials, parties, weird interviews where nothing you say makes sense however much we TRY to listen to you babble on.

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  1. Effie Maddara

    Sec BAdoy, let me congratulate you for your fantastic article. The last five (5) paragraphs are the best. Worth engraving in a marble stone and then gift it to aling leni. she’s every inch it. please write more.


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