Duterte: Kerwin Espinosa gave PHP 8 MILLION to then DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima through De Lima Driver -LOVER Ronnie Dayan, met with De Lima in Baguio where VIRAL PHOTO was taken




De Lima DRIVER- LOVER received PHP  2 MILLION at the Mall of Asia, Building A parking building on October 2015 then PHP 1.7 MILLION in Dampa, Macapagal Avenue for the Leila De Lima senatorial campaign. Kerwin personally met with then Justice Secretary Leila De Lima in Burnham Park, Baguio City on November 22, 2015 where PHP 2 MILLION was given to Dayan. On February, 2016 PHP 2.3 MILLION was given to Ronnie Dayan in the Mall of Asia  Building A 4th floor parking area. A total of PHP 8 MILLION was the total given by DRUG LORD Kerwin Espinosa to then DOJ Secretary, now Senator, Leila De Lima

At the Philippine Senate, Visayas area DRUG LORD Kerwin Espinosa names General Dolina (Region 8, PNP Regional Director) and General Vicente Loot (previously named by President Duterte) as  DRUG PROTECTORS. SOP (standard operating procedure) – Ormoc Senior Superintendent Reo Tan (PHP 15 thousand per week), Major Abordo (PHP 12 k per week, later increased to PHP 80k per month), Escotin (PHP 15 k per week), Matira (PHP 15k  per week), Chua (PHP 15k per week).  Inspector Habinis (Albuera police chief, PHP 15 k per week), Camacho (Albuera police chief, PHP 15 k per week), Bituin (checkpoint team leader, PHP 8 k per week), Major Magamay (checkpoint head, PHP 10 k per week), Arapol (Php 5 k per week for info), Captain Angayangay (PHP 15 per week through Palawan money remittance), Ludo (Ormoc Police Station 3 commander, PHP 15 per week). Colonel Macanap (Ormoc City PNP City Director (PHP 25 k per week) and Torefil  (CIDG, for info on drug operations, PHP 12 k per week).









https://duterte2016.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/duterte-says-de-lima-is-screwing-her-driver-de-lima-is-screwing-the-nation/  PHOTO shows the MATRIX initially revealed by President Duterte.





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