PINK Boracay (contrived), DDS Manila Bay (spontaneous)

Let us compare two beach events. One was in Boracay, the internationally acclaimed vacation Paradise. Leni Robredo supporters staged a photo session comparable to a television production. Huge PINK banners with people spread out for maximum cinematic effect. Needless to say that the Boracay rehabilitation was through the initiative of the Duterte Administration. A similar spectacle also happened in the Manila Bay dolomite beach, a collection of people now regularly visiting the controversial improvement project. With the pandemic restrictions slowly being eased, crowds are now the usual fare along the Roxas Boulevard strip famous for its stunning sunsets. The Manila Bay white sand curious folks are spontaneous and may have to wait in long lines just to be allowed to enter. Many are even turned away planning to return on another day.

While the Boracay extravaganza was obviously political (supporting a presidential candidate), the Manila Bay gatherings have a subtle political undertone. DILAWANS, as the Liberal Party and their underlings are called, will not be caught visiting the beach front that they have consistently and persistently branded as an inappropriate undertaking at a time of an ongoing pandemic. It goes without saying that the Manila Bay dolomite beach visitors are appreciative and supportive of the national government initiated project.

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