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Philippine elections have always relied on guns, goons and gold. Money buys everything, from advertising space to votes. 2016 could be the first national elections wherein the outcome will have a winner that did not dominate traditional mass media (radio, TV and newspapers) due to the introduction of the Internet, social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  1. Read this seminal work on how the people can reverse the tide of members of the Philippine ruling class continuously being elected President of the Philippines (President Aquino is the son of a President, Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the daughter of a President, Former Senator Mar Roxas is the grandson of a President, Senator Bongbong Marcos is the son of a President, Senators JV Ejercito and Jinggoy Estrada are sons of a President and Senator Grace Poe is allegedly the daughter of a President).

2) See how netizens bash a Mar Roxas paid TV ad thereby negating his advantage of being able to afford expensive mass media campaigns.

3) Read how the President of the Philippines insults the electorate who resort to social media to expose his shortcomings.



4) Share posts from these Duterte pages (some names do not carry the word Duterte because they are just temporarily made available to Digong supporters, said pages would revert to their original page name after May 2016). An individual can SHARE to his/her personal account wall, walls of his/her friends, groups and fan pages. Facebook usually allows 30 similar SHARES per posting. SHARE a number of different posters so as not to alert the Facebook spam patrol. Post between three to four times per day (about 30 SHARES each time). With this particular system, a single personal account can SHARE more than a HUNDRED times a day. REMEMBER, if you open a Duterte page (listed below), try to vary the posts that you SHARE from the same Duterte page. Going from one Duterte page to another and SHARING different posts per page may increase the total allowable SHARES that you can do in a day. DO NOT be too eager as your account may be suspended from sharing for a number of days (up to 30 days). Request your friends and relatives to do the same. The more people we can convince to do these SIMPLE steps every day or, at least, regularly, the greater our coverage of the Filipino voters. This is the only NO COST method that we can think of to BLUNT the huge financial advantage of the Administration candidate who resorts to paid or sponsored advertisingbiopic duterte posts. FYI: Studies show that paid ads are given LESS credibility by people exposed to them. On the other hand, your personal endorsements are given GREATER CREDIBILITY by your friends and relatives who get to see your SHARED posts.









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  1. gina mission agustin

    Victory is coming in hand of kindness,softed heart Duterte’Changes of thePhl.into better Nation’Hope that He will stop corruption to recover the nids of the citizen&to bring back the Pride of the Country!Gv Justice 4’d vctim..We are Fil. enthusiastic 4 campaigning our beloved future Pres.even w/o money involved’were all unite fr. around’d world!we are’d voice of truth’ even w/o tv ads’we are’d larger connector 4 evryone..DUTERTE!2016!!


  2. Sana nmn po maaksyonan n dto sa lugar nmen marami pareng makakapal ang mukha n ngtitinda ng bawal n gamot dto po yan sa San isidro paranaque city maraming salamat Sana nmn point Sana nmn maaksyonan agad


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